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    16 mobile games industry statistics that’ll blow your mind

    We’ve come a long way since everybody played Snake on more than 350 million Nokias worldwide. Nowadays consumers download highly sophisticated games from the app stores, and although most are free or cheap to buy, the revenue potential from in-app purchases is simply huge.

    So what does the mobile gaming landscape look like today? Here are 16 stats that show just how far we have come…

    • Mobile games account for almost 50% of the global games market
    • 2.4 billion people globally are expected to play mobile games in 2019
    • 50% of mobile gamers are women
    • Fortnite is estimated to have exceeded 100 million downloads on iOS in just 138 days
    • Males and females play different types of games
    • 63% of adult iOS Fortnite players are 18-24 and nearly 2/3 are male
    • Candy Crush is still the most popular game overall
    • 6-10pm is the most common time to play Apps
    • Gaming is expected to be worth more than $174 billion by 2021
    • Apps account for 90% of time spent on smartphones
    • Gaming is the third most popular App category
    • 73% of 2018 App revenue expected to have come from gaming
    • Pokemon GO is the top grossing iPhone App
    • The average US consumer spent $77 on mobile games in 2016
    • The most downloaded mobile gaming App of 2018 was Helix Jump
    • 53% of Candy Crush gamers are the primary decision makers in their homes

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    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Championing Mobile Billing & Engagement Solutions That Monetise Content, Drive In App Billing & Increase On-Boarding For mVAS
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