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2020 VISIONS Predictions for customer experience technology in 2020


IMImobile, a global communications software provider, has today outlined its customer experience technology predictions for 2020.

Research has shown that almost all CIOs feel under pressure to deliver the customer experience that customers and the wider business expects, which means CX will remain top of  as we head into a new decade.

Here are IMImobile’s five predictions for customer experience technology in 2020:

Consumers will move from text to tap, as they ditch SMS in favour of conversational messaging and commerce

“2020 will be the year companies transition from text to tap as they ditch SMS in favour of conversational messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and RCS. The smartphone generation expects to be able to interact with companies in the same way they would with friends and family, and today, this is very rarely done via traditional SMS.

“Mobile interactions will no longer be restricted by character limits and basic plain text – they will become richer, more immersive and conversational, presenting brands with an opportunity to increase their reach and raise the customer experience bar,” said Siva Bandi, Senior Product Manager at IMImobile

2020 will be the year of RCS

“With Google’s recent announcement that it is formally rolling out RCS in the US, 2020 will be the year we will see its mainstream adoption by carriers and enterprises. Customer experience will evolve from text to tap, allowing companies to use the features of consumer messaging (picture messages, video, group chat, location sharing, interactive carousels, etc.) to deliver richer, more engaging and interactive customer interactions,” added Siva Bandi, Senior Product Manager at IMImobile

Companies will take a platform approach as they pull the trigger on rolling out new customer communications channels

“As we move into 2020, there is simply no excuse for companies failing to adopt new customer communications channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, RCS and Apple Business Chat.  Proactive, two-way communication is the name of the game and the evolution of these channels is driving this change. Therefore, companies can no longer rely on traditional communications and development methods.

“They need to be able to roll out such services quickly and effectively, maximising the interactive capabilities these channels bring, in a way that complements their existing customer communication channels. At the same time, they must be able to pull together data from these different channels to so they can have a channel-agnostic view of customer interactions. Through adopting a ‘platform approach’ towards customer communications, companies will be able to view and manage all channels centrally while being able to add new ones (and the associated customer journeys) much more rapidly,” said Dan Garner, Senior Vice President, Solutions at IMImobile

Chatbots will hit the mainstream

To date, there has been a lot of trial and error when it comes to the deployment of chatbots. There has been a lot of hype as they have the potential to drive new customer experience strategies and capabilities. However, poorly designed and integrated chatbots risk damaging customer experience, especially if the customer processes and systems in the background are siloed. In 2020, we will see chatbots hit the mainstream as a result of the technology maturing and companies understanding appropriate use cases where they can excel. This, coupled with improved integration with back office systems, means they really can now deliver true value and improve customer experience.

“While chatbots won’t outright replace contact centre agents, they will increasingly play an important role in providing first line customer service support. The combination of rich, interactive channel capabilities and chatbot automation means they will be able to drive a far superior customer experience.  Key to this is ensuring that there is the right interaction blend throughout the customer journey, as many people will still welcome the opportunity to message or speak to a real person as required,” added Dan Garner, Senior Vice President, Solutions at IMImobile

 Customer self-service will become much more intelligent

Companies understand the significance of self-service when it comes to delivering a great customer experience, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. In 2020, we will see further advances in AI and automation drive much more intelligent levels of customer self-service. This will enable customers to do a lot more themselves, at their convenience, without having to change communications channels mid journey, interact with a different department, wait days or even weeks for a transaction or interaction to be completed,” concluded Dan Garner, Senior Vice President, Solutions at IMImobile.


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