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    3D product visualization to improve commerce sales conversion

    The E-commerce industry keeps getting better and the technological advancement makes it even better. One of these innovations technology that has brought into e-commerce is product visualization. It has assisted in providing real-life experience of what it actually feels like.

    3D Product Visualization, also known as 3D Modeling is a technology which provides a realistic visualization of a product. It creates great images of the products, using tools like Maya, 3ds Max or Cinema 4D. These visuals help users to interact with and get them engaged. It also controls the emotion of users, so its effect can be felt. Fact is, the user gets engaged with the visuals and it appeals to their senses results into the buying decision.

    Features of 3D product visualization that helps in enhancing sales

    High Resolution

    A flawless digital model of the product is created by the 3D modeling technique. With high resolutions, it covers different angles to ensure that customers get a great view of the product; a view that shows how it would feel like when they receive it. They can zoom the images produced to get a closer look. High resolution combined with a great background is very helpful in improving sales.

    360° product view

    If a customer can get a 360° view that illustrates the entire look of the product, then what’s the use of static images? A 360° product view makes the customer sure of the decision of buying, as opposed to static images that do not fully depict what the product looks like. Sometimes, static imaging could give a false impression of things like size and quality. This would decrease customer satisfaction. This feature of 3D product visualization, not only just give them the opportunity to view it all around, but they also have an option to assemble the product or disassemble it.

    Visual interaction

    This feature makes it possible to allow the product to be placed in a different setting. This helps the potential customer to relate with the product based on their own environment and this is sure to improve sales over the use of static imaging where pictures are simply taken (even if they are of high quality). With this feature, lightening, shape, and color can be adjusted to give a different idea, which is interactive with the mind of the potential client. The user also gets the chance to put new elements in the background to see how compatible the product would be with the user’s peculiar circumstances.

    Its ability to help in saving time and money

    Using 3D product visualization, time and money can be saved since a lot of images can be created quickly and in short intervals. As opposed to uploading several branded images, a few 3D product visualization videos of high quality do the job perfectly.

    Final thoughts

    The E-commerce industry has recorded massive growth following the invention of 3D modeling and every business in the e-commerce industry (new or old), needs to consider this to improve their businesses. Without doubt, the aforementioned features of 3D modeling will drive sales since online purchase largely depends on what the user feeds their eyes with.

    Embrace the power of 3D visualization platformfor the marketing of your product and enjoy the sales conversion that follows.



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