Monday, April 15, 2024
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    4D Sight delivers in-game ads to monetize esports

    4D Sight, a tech platform using computer vision specializing in developing a new class of ad inventory for esports and livestream gaming, has teamed with KRAFTON, the creators of the highly popular PUBG game, to display intrinsic sponsor logos during livestream play of the esports PGI.S tournament.

    Familiar sponsor logos were directly embedded into the game environment using 4D Sight’s technology, with minimum interruption to audiences. During the PGI.S Tournament matches, in-game sponsor logos were displayed subtly and non-intrusively around the map.

    Video here.

    “PUBG recognized how tournament participants don’t want to be interrupted with ads when they are in the midst of game play. Our technology was very effective in keeping the sponsor logos placed naturally and were relatively non-obtrusive,” says Erhan Ciris, founder and CEO, 4D Sight. “The PGI.S tournament live-stream demonstrated how well our computer vision technology can enable uninterrupted monetization that doesn’t jeopardize the audience experience.”

    Banner and mid-roll ads frequently found in livestream games can be interruptive and irritating to audiences. 4D Sight technology, however, blends ads directly, and subtly, into the game environment and the virtually placed ads can look like billboards or other signage, familiar in the physical world.

    It’s an approach the growing esports industry is embracing as the audience is growing fast: consulting firm Activate predicts that in 2021 in the U.S., esports will have more viewers than any other professional sports league (except for the NFL). The 2021 Global Esports & Live Streaming Market Report from Newzoo states that the market will grow to $1.08 billion this year with 75% percent of the revenue coming from sponsorship and media.

    “4D Sight is working with the majority of tier-1 game publishers and esports leagues. We are seeing how esports viewership is overtaking traditional sports. It’s become very important that to maximize their revenue, the esports industry must monetize their content more effectively than what has been the intrusive traditional sports sponsorship model,” continues Ciris. “Our clients realize that the embedded contextual ads 4D Sight creates are a truly intrinsic ad format with a lot of potential for growth, and we are excited to see them being adopted.”

    One of 4D Sight’s recent investors is Riot Games, developer and publisher of global phenomenons such as League of Legends and VALORANT. Also 4D Sight has just hired David Eichenstein as their SVP Commercial. Eichenstein brings experience from his previous work at VENN, Facebook, BuzzFeed, and Fox Broadcasting.

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