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    5 ways VR can benefit the mobile gaming industry

    Everyone has probably heard of virtual reality before it came into existence. It was often mentioned in films that looked into the future and now that the technology is actually here, its proving itself capable of benefitting various industries.

    VR first came about in 2016 and it’s predicted to show huge growth going forward, especially in the mobile gaming sector where by 2025 it’s estimated to be worth a staggering $45billion, according to Grand View Research.

    Let’s look at 5 ways that VR can potentially benefit the mobile gaming industry going forward.

    VR Takes Gaming To The Next Level

    Right now, mobile gaming is rapidly growing in popularity as more players opt to game on their smartphones than they do on console or PC. While what smartphones are capable of gaming wise continues to improve, VR has the ability to literally transform mobile gaming. Players will be able to enjoy truly immersive gaming experiences that will see them actually being involved in the game, rather than just playing it on their smartphone.

    Authentic Experiences Can Be Recreated

    Taking online casino as an example, while live casino games have become extremely popular due to them giving the user a taste of real casino action, theres only so much an online casino can do. VR though is capable of recreating that authentic casino experience in full with all the sights and sounds youd expect to find at a land based casino. This would be perfect for casino gaming on the go and could be used in other areas such as flight simulators and sports titles. So that it is most likely become the norm to see progressive online casino brands, Unibetfor example, incorporating this technology in their service.

    The Portability Factor

    For most us, the only way they can use VR right now is to buy a VR headsetand own a PC that is of good enough specs. Obviously, you cant go transporting your PC here, there and everywhere just so you can play some VR games. With VR for mobile, we can get stuck into a virtual world whenever and wherever wefancy, and this will undoubtedly see the mobile gaming industry boom as a result. Portability and convenience is high on the agenda for most these days, and VR for mobile ticks both boxes.

    A Simple Entry Point

    When it comes to technology, especially new technology, nobody wants to be faffing around trying to set it all up for hours on end, they want to be using it. Setting up VR to use with the aid of a PC can lead to a lot of messing around but where VR on mobile is concerned its simplicity at its finest. Hook the phone up to the headset and away you go into a virtual world and this is of great benefit to the mobile gaming industry and one of the reasons why VR will continue to rapidly grow in popularity.

    Lower Cost

    We live in a day and age where the majority of the public already own a smartphone, so if they want to get stuck into some VR gaming it will just be a case of purchasing the headset, which when compared with the VR hardware needed for those using PCs is minimal. The cost is pretty low in comparison to other ways of playing VR games, especially if people are having to fork out for a computer that has the specs capable of supporting virtual reality gaming.

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