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5G Lab-as-a-Service launches to accelerate next gen 5G services


Capgemini Group has continued to augment its Intelligent Industry offerings with the launch of Altran’s 5G Lab and 5G Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) for telecommunications companies, enterprises and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

This new lab, based in Fundão, Portugal, is key to provide system integration services and validate different solutions coming from the telecom ecosystem and different network market vendors (hardware and software). 5G labs are instrumental in Capgemini’s strategy, in the intelligent industry space, to enable clients to make the right investments in the foundations of their data-driven transformation and seize the opportunities of the 5G and Edge digital revolution.

The Altran 5G lab is focused on network capabilities. It will support the cloud-based 5G Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) offering and will provide prototyping, design, development and a testing and validation environment for new network virtualization and 5G deployments. In addition, the lab offers demonstration platform capabilities that simulates scenarios and showcases solutions for proofs of concepts and pilots, along with a5G Industry Applications Incubator supporting a complete 5G ecosystem. Further 5G labs supporting industrial use cases to address new market needs, will be announced shortly.

Hosted in a dedicated, secure infrastructure-for-hire environment, the lab’s physical and virtual resources can be accessed and managed from any location in the world 24/7 via a secure web-based lab portal. It features datacenter infrastructure, hardware, network components, software frameworks, platforms and a tools ecosystem, enabling clients to create environments that are flexible, scalable, secure and globally accessible.

“Altran’s new 5G Lab-as-a-Service offer continues to build upon the Capgemini Group’s global strategy to accelerate and innovate the 5G ecosystem. The lab is the next logical step for us to extend our leadership on 5G and next-generation technologies,” said Dietmar Wendt, President of the Communications business, Altran. “With the increasing volume of data and its widespread use by all sectors, this new 5G Lab will be central to supporting clients with their Intelligent Industry strategies within the context of a 5G ecosystem.”

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