Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    60% of UK consumers are excited about using Apple Pay

    New research, released by Connexity, shows that UK consumers are excited by the prospect of Apple Pay – just like their US counterparts – where retailers are increasingly adopting the digital payment system.

    The research, which explored UK consumers’ opinions on the prospect of mobile payment systems and whether the likes of Apple Pay will break through, finds that more than a third of UK consumers are keen to use their phone for mobile payments: 37.8% reported that they liked the idea of using a trusted mobile wallet to pay for goods.

    According to the study, almost 10% of UK consumers have already used a payment app to purchase items, but 63.9% would like to use Apple Pay. Youngsters are fuelling the demand for mobile payment systems with 66.1% of Generation X and 61.8% of Generation Y admitting they are interested in using Apple Pay.

    But us old timers, boomers and silvers surfers are still interested, with 51.5% of baby boomers are keen to use Apple Pay. Silver surfers were less interested, but still keen with 35.3% expressing they would use Apple’s mobile payment offering

    A similar study conducted by the Bizrate Insights team in the US, where Apple Pay is already in use; found that Americans are even more open to the idea of mobile payments, with 40% of American online shoppers saying they like the idea of using their phone to pay for purchases instead of carrying around their wallet.

    Hayley Silver, Vice President, Bizrate Insights explains: “As we develop to become a mobile-led society, consumers are interested in the convenience of mobile payment systems- provided they are secure. Brands cannot afford to wait to research the options and the interest of their customer base. Now is the time to act. Now is the time to invest in mobile payments.”

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