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70% of the US population is now active on Facebook


According to a recent report released by the financial news portal LearnBonds.com, more than 70% of the US population has a Facebook account.

Facebook is also increasing the number of users monthly, showing the interest for this platform remains among the population. Other social media platforms are also growing but remain far behind Facebook.

LearnBonds.com reported that Facebook users in the United States of America reached 232.6 million in November this year. This represents an increase of 0.518% from October when Facebook had 231.4 million users.

The report explained: “In just one month, 1.2 million users in the United States alone decided to join Facebook. This represents an increase of 0.518% from October.”

When the numbers are compared to September, the growth is even more notorious, with a user base 1% larger than two months ago. In the future, the number of users is expected to continue growing. Indeed, in a few years, Facebook could surpass 250 million users in the U.S.

Other social media networks such as Instagram, Linkedin, or Messenger have also reported their user base as of November this year. As per LearnBonds.com, the second-largest platform is Linkedin with 161 million users in the U.S. followed by Instagram with 120.6 million individuals. In the last position, Messenger, which is also owned and operated by Facebook, registered only 14.3 million users.


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