Thursday, June 13, 2024

    768 sales an hour generated through smartphone in November as m-retail continues to grow

    Mobile traffic to retailer sites continued to rise in November – and we suspect through December too, but we are awaiting the numbers – according to Affiliate Window’s monthly benchmarking.

    According to its numbers, 44.17% of traffic originated from a mobile device – up from 41.75% in October – and 36.46% of sales originated from a mobile device, up from 34.23% in October. Mobile Average Order Value (AOV) was £66.92, up from £61.89 in October.

    To put this in perspective, that equates to 45,600 sales each day originated from a mobile device (smartphone and tablet), 18,500 of these coming through a smartphone. Some 665 clicks originated from a mobile device every minute and 768 sales were generated through a smartphone each hour.

    22.70% of traffic came from a smartphone – up from 21.85% in October – 14.74% of sales came from a smartphone, up from 14.34% in October.

    Tablet devices converted at 6.42% while smartphones dragged down the overall mobile conversion rate – converting at 3.75%.

    In terms of OS, Android smartphones accounted for 25.42% of smartphone traffic and 25.43% of sales and Android tablets accounted for 38.41% of tablet traffic, but only 20.94% of sales. iPad typically converts at three percentage points above Android tablets and iPad users not only convert at a much higher rate than their Android counterparts, but also spend significantly more when they do.

    We await December’s figures with relish.

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