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    Sports Movies: The Best American Football Films to Watch on Mobile

    Sports and the movie industry are a match made in heaven, with the drama of the former providing an ideal vehicle for the latter to work with.

    North American sports translate seamlessly to the silver screen, with the likes of baseball, ice hockey and basketball providing the platform for many popular films.

    That point also rings true for American Football, with Hollywood producers regularly turning to the sport to create masterpieces.

    For fans who watch movies on mobile, subscription services such as Netflix are a great way to access a plethora of films across the sporting spectrum.

    Signing-up is easy, with all the popular content providers offering users the opportunity to make one-off payments or subscribe monthly by their favourite mobile payment method.

    Read on as we take a closer look at three of the best gridiron films you can easily stream via your mobile device.

    Remember the Titans

    Predictable? Perhaps. Brilliant? Absolutely. Based on actual events that took place in 1971, Remember the Titans takes on added significance given current events in the United States.

    The story tells the tale of how a white southern high school is mixed with black students from a nearby school and the inevitable fallout that creates.

    Denzel Washington sparkles in the lead role as the new head coach of the integrated team whose success helps to break down racial barriers.

    Respected betting brand Betway recently reported that Remember the Titans was one of the biggest hits amongst sports movies at the box office – it is easy to see why.
    We Are Marshall
    If you can watch the early part of this movie without shedding a tear you may be well advised to check your pulse to see if you are still breathing.

    The film tells the true story of the Marshall University football program, which was left in tatters after a plane crash killed almost the entire team and coaches.

    Students rally round to convince the board of governors to play the 1971 season, and under the tutelage of coach Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) they do just that.

    Building a team from the ruins of a tragedy is no easy task, but Lengyel rallies the community to get behind his efforts to rebuild the program.

    The Mean Machine
    It easy to get blinded by modernity when assessing movies and that factor often leads to many ‘best of all-time’ lists overlooking the greats of yesteryear.

    That is certainly the case where The Mean Machine is concerned, but that undoubtedly does a disservice to one of the greatest sports films ever made.

    Burt Reynolds is perfectly cast as Paul Crewe, a former professional quarterback who is jailed and placed in direct conflict with a sadistic warden.

    Crewe is ordered to assemble a team of inmates to play a game against the guards – a task that results in him facing numerous moral dilemmas.

    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
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