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    AWE18 SamMedia’s Christian Estela talks about how Google is a great source or traffic

    Sam Media's Christian Estela talks about how to create a perfect relationship between content providers and affiliates and why working with Google can do...

    AWE18 12 Ca$h helps you monetise ‘exit traffic’

    All sites have exit traffic – and this can be used to make money through affiliate marketing if used properly. Here Leon Dijksman from...

    AWE18 3GProxy explain how campaign testing is the key to better services

    Lazlo Kun from 3GProxy outlines how to test campaigns and how such tests can make affiliate marketing even more effective for content providers

    AWE18 The four big challenges for Affiliate Marketing

    Dominic Baliszewski from Decision Tech – soon to be part of MoneySupermarket – outlines the four big issues facing affiliate marketing and where they may...

    AWE18 What affiliates are saying… a taster

    Hear a taster of what MessageCloud, Decision Tech, 3GPRoxy, Telefutures, Reach Effect, Sam Media and uDroppy are saying in our other interviews about affiliate...

    AWE18 The VAS-aggregator-affiliate value chain explained

    Muhammed I Fareed from MessageCloud explains how VAS, aggregators, billing companies and affiliates all work together to deliver the most perfect monetisation and delivery...

    AWE18 Technology to understand affiliate traffic

    Decision Tech – soon to be part of MoneySupermarket, the king of affiliates – has created technology to better understand and fully track affiliate...

    EDITORIAL Affiliate advertising renaissance driven by mobile

    Affiliate advertising is being driven by programmatic advertising, social media and ecommerce. New technology trends have also come to play a role too, with...

    EDITORIAL Affiliate marketing – the new face of telemedia traffic?

    I have worked in telemedia for many years. When trying to explain it to some youngsters at Affiliate World Europe (AWE18) in Barcelona last...

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