Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    How You Can Prevent Cyber Attacks By Cloud

    As a provider of cloud security services, we decided to write an article to raise people's awareness of cybersecurity. There are many different forms...

    Cyber-attacks up 38% globally, while businesses admit they don’t really understand the risks

    Increasing numbers of UK businesses are struggling to understand how to combat cybercrime, putting them at increased risk of cyberattacks resulting in crippling costs...

    Two in Five Businesses Report Cybersecurity Attacks

    According to a recent government report, nearly two in every five UK business experiences a cybersecurity attack each year – demonstrating the ever-present threat...

    How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Cyber ​​Attacks?

    With the increase of smartphone usage across the world to perform everyday tasks like shopping, playing games, and internet banking, experts warn that most...

    Covid-19 exposes UK’s cyber security vulnerabilities – with 65,000 attacks taking place daily

    UK SME’s are at risk of 65,000 cyber security attacks daily – with around 4,500 of these being successful – and the figure could...

    Black Friday beware: online shoppers face heightened cyberthreats as e-commerce attacks rise by 15%

    As Black Friday – which kicks off this coming Friday – continues to grow in popularity, online shoppers are more likely to be the...

    EDITORIAL In cybercrime a quantum isn’t very much solace

    Back in January, when I mentioned quantum security as something to watch out for in 2024, I admit I did so with my tongue...

    EDITORIAL 2024: the year of AI cybercrime, or quantum computing security?

    2023 appears on the face of it to have been a good year for cybersecurity. As we reporting latterly in November and December, great...

    Cyber Extortion hits worldwide high in 2023, with some 2100 companies falling victim to it in Q1

    Cyber Extortion (Cy-X) activity reached the highest volume ever recorded in Q1 2023 after a decline of 8% in 2022, report reveals. Orange Cyberdefense,...

    How AI provides unrivalled protection against emerging AI-driven cyber threats

    In 2022, a staggering €8.44bn vanished due to cybercrime. This alarming figure is anticipated to escalate as cybercriminals turn to AI for executing more...

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