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A-RCS-Z that’s enough acronyms!


The A to Z of RCS

If our handsets are about to be bombarded with Rich Communication Services, with no acronyms or techy-talk – here is what you should know in the A to Z of RCS

  1. Your favourite brands and business are going to use it to manage comms with YOU – their customer.
  2. It will be a default messaging services on 75% of smartphones worldwide (so no app to download, signup or passwords needed).
  3. The sender can include logos, animations, pictures, files or video clips – just like email or WhatsApp.
  4. Red hot data like “message-received” and  “read” comes as standard – so marketing departments will LOVE it.
  5. Pictures, videos, menu options can be swiped across the screen (carousel), so it’s user friendly and engaging; with promotions coming to life!
  6. Reply buttons and chatbot functions will allow immediate two-way communication – just like customer services on a website.
  7. Security limiting spam / fraud is locked in.
  8. There’s no limits to business sending or receiving these messages – unlike Apple or WhatsApp.
  9. Is will be the world’s largest messaging platform by Dec 2020 – It’s coming to a handset near you, whether you like it or not.

OMG so for A2P and P2A and P2P this RCS is OK … oops!

Get the low down on the Battle of RCS v WhatsApp Business


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