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Nextiva Review

Selecting the right business communications provider is a critical decision for organizations of all sizes. In the digital age, a robust and flexible VoIP solution can be the cornerstone of effective communication both within a company and with its customers. Nextiva has emerged as a notable player in this space, offering a suite of services that promise to cater to varying business communication needs, and our Nextiva review analyses these. As their VoIP phone service offers features from unlimited calling to advanced analytics, the Nextiva phone service positions it as a competitive option for businesses seeking a comprehensive phone system.

An examination of Nextiva’s offerings is definitely worthwhile for companies searching for the best business phone system. With a focus on ease of use and customer support, Nextiva strives to differentiate itself in a crowded VoIP phone services market. Pricing structures and plan options are designed to accommodate businesses of different sizes and budgets, while integrations and add-ons aim to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Furthermore, adherence to security protocols and compliance standards ensures that the communication infrastructure is not only efficient but also secure.

Main Points

  • Nextiva offers comprehensive VoIP business phone services with a focus on enhancing business communication.
  • The service is tailored for ease of use with a strong emphasis on customer support.
  • Pricing options are varied, with additional integrations and security measures available.

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Nextiva Overview

Nextiva is a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider catering to businesses across the world. Established with the intention of simplifying business communication, it provides unlimited callingbusiness numbers, and faxing services, call recording, call forwarding and more, effectively eliminating the need for traditional telephone systems.

The service’s interface is known for its elegance and ease of use, contributing to a smoother operational experience for various business sizes and industries. Nextiva’s offerings include rich calling features, conferencing capabilities, and collaboration tools, all of which facilitate efficient communication within organizations.

Features Highlights:

  • Unlimited calling within the U.S. and Canada
  • Business numbers
  • Virtual faxing capabilities
  • Elegant user interface
  • Conferencing and collaboration tools
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Nextiva has received recognition for its reliability and consistent delivery of exceptional customer support. With an impressive number of positive reviews, Nextiva sustains a focus on your customer service and communication solutions that scale with business growth. They are particularly commended for a track record of innovation and responsiveness to customer needs.

What makes Nextiva stand out in the VoIP industry is not just its robust feature set, but also its dedication to amazing service, a mantra that the company reportedly lives by. This service-oriented approach is reflected in Nextiva’s emphasis on customer satisfaction and support.

Key Features

The Nextiva platform empowers businesses with a suite of advanced communication and team collaboration tools designed to enhance productivity and customer engagement. The section below outlines the core capabilities of Nextiva.

Cloud PBX

Nextiva’s Cloud PBX system offers a reliable, scalable phone service that shifts traditional business phone systems to the cloud. This transition allows organizations to manage their communications infrastructure with greater flexibility and without the need for physical hardware installations.

VoIP Call Quality

VoIP Call Quality is a critical feature, and Nextiva ensures that voice clarity and call stability are top priorities. With a robust network infrastructure, users can expect clear, uninterrupted calls, which is vital for maintaining professional business communications.

Unified Communications

Nextiva stands out by offering Unified Communications solutions, integrating voice, video, and messaging into a single platform. This unification streamlines internal and external communication processes, making it simpler for teams to collaborate and stay connected.

Advanced Call Management

Nextiva provides a comprehensive set of Advanced Call Management features, including multi-level auto-attendants, professionally recorded greetings, and customizable call routing options. These functionalities are essential for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and improve overall call handling efficiency.

Ease of Use

Nextiva distinguishes itself with an intuitive interface that simplifies navigation and operation, making it a strong choice for users without technical expertise. Setup procedures and the daily management of the system are streamlined to enhance the user experience.

The dashboard serves as a central hub where users can easily access different functionalities:

  • Call management tools are straightforward, allowing quick adjustment of settings.
  • Voicemailfax, and SMS are integrated seamlessly into the platform.
  • The contact directory is conveniently organized for efficiency.

Moreover, Nextiva provides extensive support materials that aid users in optimizing their use of the service. These include:

  • Guided tutorials to assist with initial setup and feature deployment
  • FAQ sections for speedy resolution of common inquiries
  • Instructional videos that offer visual walk-throughs of complex processes

The user experience is further enhanced by the Nextiva mobile app, offering a cohesive experience across devices. The app is noted for its:

  • Clean layout
  • High functionality
  • Synchronization with the desktop version

Users appreciate the ease of adding and managing users, with some reviewers especially highlighting the system’s capability to handle a high volume of users and calls without compromising performance.

Customer Service and Support

Nextiva’s customer service has been frequently praised for its effectiveness and availability. The customer reviews on Trustpilot highlight that many users have had positive interactions with service representatives, which has been a defining aspect of their experience with Nextiva. They describe the company’s customer service as excellent, underscoring the representative’s professionalism and helpfulness.

Customer support is available 24/7 for users, which means that businesses can get assistance any time they encounter issues or have questions. This around-the-clock service is crucial for businesses that rely on constant communication and cannot afford long downtimes. The customer feedback available directly on Nextiva’s blog also points out the high uptime and robust support features.

Support Features

  • 24/7 Availability: Access to support at any time of day.
  • Multiple Channels: Including phone, email, and live chat.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Well-documented guides and tutorials.

Nextiva trains its support staff extensively, which is reflected in customers’ feedback about prompt resolutions and knowledgeable assistance.

Businesses considering Nextiva should take note of these support characteristics:

  • Responsive: Quick to address and resolve issues.
  • Knowledgeable: Well-trained staff with thorough product understanding.
  • Accessible: Support is available via various channels, regardless of the time.

In summary, Nextiva’s commitment to customer service and support is evident from its investment in a 24/7 help system and the provision of multiple avenues for support, resulting in generally high customer satisfaction ratings.

Pricing and Plans

Nextiva offers a tiered pricing system that varies by the number of users and contract length. Their plans are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, providing feature sets that scale with business needs.

Service Plan Options

Essential Plan: Starting at $17.95/user/month, it includes unlimited voice calling and fax, 100 participant video conferencing, and 24/7 customer support.

Professional Plan: Costs between $21.95 to $25.95/user/month and adds SMS messaging, unlimited conference calls, and 250 participant video conferencing.

Enterprise Plan: Priced at $30.95 to $35.95/user per month, offering advanced features like call recording and Voice Analytics.

Volume discounts are available for larger teams, and additional savings can be obtained through one-, two-, or three-year contracts.

Additional Costs

Besides the standard monthly fee, users might incur additional costs for:

  • Hardware: Phones and other equipment may be purchased separately.
  • Number porting: Fees associated for transferring existing phone numbers.
  • International calls: Rates vary depending on the country called.
  • Add-ons: Features not included in the chosen plan, such as extra voicemail boxes or advanced analytics, come at an additional cost.

Integrations and Add-Ons

Nextiva’s communication suite provides users with a range of integrations and add-ons that enhance functionality and streamline workflow. It offers compatibility with various CRM systems and productivity tools, ensuring businesses can leverage their existing software investments alongside Nextiva’s services.

Key Integrations:

  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • HubSpot

These integrations allow users to connect their phone system directly with their CRM platforms, facilitating better customer interactions and data management.

Add-On Packages: Nextiva also has several add-on packages tailored for specific business needs. While its core offerings include essential communication tools, businesses can opt for these additional features for a more comprehensive experience.

Examples include:

  • Advanced CRM capabilities
  • Intelligent automation tools
  • Solutions for call centers

The provider ensures that businesses not only have access to robust telephony features but also the ability to implement more complex systems as they grow. It is noteworthy that Nextiva’s pricing structure varies based on the number of users and selected add-ons, with the cost per user decreasing when adding more users to the package. This creates a scalable environment for organizations of different sizes, and enabling even a small business phone system.

For businesses requiring a unified communication landscape, Nextiva’s additional offerings include omnichannel contact center software and tools for social media and reputation management, enhancing customer support and engagement across various platforms.

Security and Compliance

Nextiva understands the importance of securing customer data and ensuring regulatory compliance. They take a multifaceted approach to maintain high security standards.

Data Encryption: Data transmitted through Nextiva’s systems is protected using robust encryption technologies. This includes both data-in-transit and data-at-rest, safeguarding confidential information from unauthorized access.

Compliance Certifications: Nextiva regularly undergoes strict audits to acquire and maintain key compliance certifications. One such certification is their HIPAA compliance, which is crucial for customers in the healthcare industry that handle sensitive patient information.

Additionally, Nextiva has achieved compliance with the SOC 2 framework, which affirms their commitment to data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Network Security: The company employs a comprehensive set of security measures to protect its network infrastructure. This includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security assessments conducted by third-party experts to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

For businesses concerned about credit card data security, Nextiva ensures PCI DSS compliance, highlighting their adherence to stringent payment card industry security standards.

It’s evident through these practices that Nextiva prioritizes its users’ security and compliance needs, instilling confidence in their service as a reliable communications solution.

Pros and Cons

This section provides an overview of the advantages and limitations of Nextiva as noted in user reviews and expert analyses.


  • Unlimited Calling: Users gain access to unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, allowing for extensive outreach without concern for overage charges.
  • Included Numbers: Customers receive a free local and toll-free number with their service plan, adding value and convenience for businesses.
  • Video Calls and Internet Faxing: The service includes unlimited video calls and the ability to send and receive faxes over the internet, facilitating diverse communication methods.


  • Hardware Costs: Some users report that while VoIP hardware is supported, the costs for devices can be a separate expense not included in the service plan.
  • Complex Features: A few users find some of Nextiva’s features complex to set up or use, potentially requiring a learning curve or additional support for some businesses.


In assessing Nextiva as a business phone system, several clear strengths emerge from both user and professional reviews. Consistently, its features—like unlimited calling and a cloud-based communication system—are applauded for their robustness and utility.

Nextiva’s flexibility in pricing and plans caters to a broad range of businesses, from startups to large enterprises. For example, its competitive pricing starts at $17.95 per month per user for a yearly plan of 100 plus users. This makes it an accessible option for different business sizes and needs.

Customer experiences with Nextiva’s interface and support have been positive; it’s often described as user-friendly and backed by helpful customer service.

However, it’s critical to consider that every service has its downsides. Despite the generally positive feedback, prospective users should weigh the cons outlined in reviews against the specific needs of their own business operations.

Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that Nextiva offers a reliable and valuable service to its users. Decisions on adopting Nextiva should be grounded in the specific requirements and context of the business in question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nextiva’s VoIP services come with a range of features tailored for businesses, and questions often arise regarding its offerings, competition, pricing, mobile integration, criticisms, and customer satisfaction.

What features does Nextiva offer for business communication?

Nextiva provides unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, along with business numbers and faxing options. Their services also include audio, video, and messaging integration suitable for various business sizes.

Who are the main competitors of Nextiva in the VoIP industry?

Significant competitors of Nextiva include RingCentral, Vonage, and 8×8. These companies also offer comprehensive cloud-based business communication solutions that rival Nextiva’s offerings.

How does Nextiva’s pricing compare to other VoIP service providers?

Nextiva’s pricing is designed to be competitive, with several plan options to fit different business needs. Their base plan provides a good value with access to essential communication features.

Can the Nextiva app integrate with mobile devices for on-the-go communication?

Yes, the NextivaONE app is available for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and web, which allows users the flexibility to communicate effectively while mobile.What are some common criticisms found in Nextiva service reviews?

Some reviews indicate concerns over customer service efficiency, and others mention occasional technical issues that users have encountered with the service.

How does Nextiva perform in customer satisfaction on platforms like BBB and Glassdoor?

Nextiva has received positive reviews on customer satisfaction, but as with any service, experiences may vary from customer to customer.

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