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Moneyhub Review

Moneyhub, a fintech company based in the UK, offers a budgeting app leveraging smart technology. It enables users to gain a comprehensive overview of their financial status by consolidating all their accounts into one platform. This provides users with insights into their net worth and allows for detailed analysis of their spending habits.

Moneyhub Review – Pros and Cons


  • Moneyhub boasts outstanding budgeting features
  • The subscription fee is affordable
  • They prioritize user privacy by refraining from selling data to third parties
  • Extremely easy to start using and navigate


  • No free version offered
  • Support for fewer banks compared to some competitors
  • Less interactive compared to some competing platforms

What Is Moneyhub?

Moneyhub’s mantra is “see everything in one place,” which encapsulates the core of their offering. They utilize open banking technology to seamlessly connect with every bank, credit card, investment platform, and other financial institution you use. Once connected, users can access all their transaction data directly within the Moneyhub app.

To get started with Moneyhub, simply download the app and access their integration feature. From there, follow a straightforward process to sync all your financial data with the app. Once synced, you can leverage Moneyhub’s features to conduct detailed spending analyses on your finances.

What Is Open Banking?

Open banking has emerged as a highly secure and transformative process reshaping the financial product market in recent years. Initially introduced by the EU, its implementation has been particularly significant in the UK. At its core, open banking revolves around the idea that an individual’s financial transactions belong to them, granting them the right to access this data. Banks and financial institutions are now mandated to provide third-party access to a customer’s transaction data upon their request. This has led to the proliferation of numerous new apps capable of utilizing this data to empower customers in improving their financial well-being. Money management apps like Moneyhub, plus others such as Snoop,  are among the many applications that have arisen from open banking.

Open banking ensures robust security through bank-level authentication and encryption protocols.

Moneyhub Features

  • Integration: Easily sync transactions from all your accounts into the app.
  • Spending Analysis: Automatically analyze your spending patterns.
  • Spending Goals: Set and track goals within the app to monitor your progress.
  • Nudges: Receive notifications to stay on track with your goals.
  • Categories: Transactions are automatically categorized for better organization.
  • Real-life Advisors: Access the option to speak with a real-life advisor for personalized assistance.
  • Payments: Conveniently make payments between your accounts directly through the app.

Who Is Moneyhub For?

Moneyhub is designed for individuals who have multiple bank accounts, including current accounts, savings accounts, credit card accounts, and more. It allows users to easily integrate all their accounts with the app. Additionally, couples have the option to create a joint account, providing them with a consolidated view of their combined finances.

Moneyhub has integration with all major banks, as well as numerous smaller banks, savings accounts, credit card providers, pension providers, and investment platforms. This extensive coverage includes popular digital banks like Starling Bank and Monzo. However, it’s advisable to verify whether Moneyhub supports the specific institutions you utilize.

As of now, they are integrated with:

  • Allied Irish Banks
  • Citibank
  • Mettle
  • Starling Bank
  • American Express
  • First Direct
  • Monzo
  • The Co-operative Bank
  • Bank Of Ireland
  • Halifax
  • Nationwide
  • Ulster Bank
  • Bank Of Scotland
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • NatWest
  • Virgin Money
  • Barclays
  • M&S Bank
  • RBS
  • Yorkshire Building Society
  • Capital One
  • MBNA
  • Revolut
  • Cashplus
  • Metro Bank
  • Sainsbury’s Bank

In essence, Moneyhub is ideal for individuals seeking greater clarity in their financial affairs. The app enables users to consolidate all their finances from various institutions into a single, easily accessible platform, providing a comprehensive overview of their financial life.

Moneyhub Costs & Fees

Moneyhub offers a subscription-based model for accessing their app, with payment options available on a monthly or annual basis. Available for download on the Apple App Store, the monthly subscription is priced at £1.49, while the annual subscription costs £14.99. Additionally, there’s currently a promotional offer for new users, providing the app free of charge for the first six months.

Is Moneyhub Safe?

Moneyhub is solely a money management app and does not hold any of your funds, mitigating the risk of financial loss.

Regarding privacy measures, Moneyhub assures users of bank-level authentication and encryption protocols. All data is fully encrypted, and the app only has read-only access to your transactions, ensuring that no changes can be made to your bank accounts and personal details remain secure.

Additionally, Moneyhub operates on a subscription-based model. While some similar budgeting apps offer free services, they may monetize by selling user data. In contrast, Moneyhub emphasizes their commitment to user privacy, stating:

“The reason we charge for Moneyhub is because we don’t sell your data to third parties, it’s as simple as that. Some other financial management apps might be free but they might be selling your data on to make a profit. We refuse to do this as we don’t think it’s fair to our customers and therefore will charge a subscription fee in order for our services to be used and developed.”

Some other budgeting apps, such as Snoop, will actually sell encrypted customer data to third parties.

Moneyhub App

The Moneyhub app offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience. To begin, download the app from either the Moneyhub website or the App Store and create an account. Next, to link your accounts to Moneyhub, you’ll need to connect to your banking app through the bank’s secure login portal. Rest assured, during this process, all your banking information remains completely secure, and Moneyhub does not have access to your login credentials.

Moneyhub Spending Analysis & Insights

Moneyhub is a robust money management app that enables thorough examination of your spending patterns. By connecting to various financial institutions, Moneyhub consolidates all your transactions within your account. This comprehensive overview includes regular payments and expenses, offering insights on potential savings opportunities. Additionally, you can categorize your spending to gain a clearer understanding of your financial habits.

Over time, Moneyhub facilitates the creation of personalized spending budgets and identifies optimal strategies for saving money.

Moneyhub Review FAQ


Moneyhub generates revenue through a modest monthly or annual subscription fee for using their app. Additionally, the company behind Moneyhub offers open banking technology to other companies.


The monthly subscription fee for Moneyhub is affordably priced at just £1.49, or £14.99 for an annual subscription. While there are competing free money management apps like Snoop and Money Dashboard, they may compromise user privacy by selling transaction data—a practice Moneyhub avoids. Others, like Emma, offer free versions with limited features, but their premium tiers are significantly more expensive than Moneyhub.


Moneyhub competes in a crowded money management app market, offering good value and potentially more detailed analysis compared to some comparable apps. While there is a cost associated with Moneyhub, the fee is relatively low, making it a viable option even against free budgeting apps.

Moneyhub Review – Verdict

Moneyhub impresses with its robust technological infrastructure, offering seamless integration and a clean, straightforward app interface. While it may lack the gamified elements present in some other apps, whether this suits your preferences is subjective.

For those prioritizing privacy, Moneyhub’s subscription model ensures data privacy, avoiding the sale of user data—a practice seen in other budgeting apps. Additionally, the subscription fee is lower compared to some competing paid apps. Overall, Moneyhub stands as a compelling option in the world of budgeting apps.

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