Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Adzooma launches multi-platform campaign management tools

    Offering an all-in-one platform, Adzooma allows digital marketing and advertising campaigns to be created, scaled, and optimised using a single system. The platform has already saved clients hundreds of hours that were previously wasted using multiple platforms and third party software.

    Adzooma was created to help reduce the time and effort associated with marketing across multiple channels, and give digital marketers the tools they need to effectively scale and optimise their campaigns. Costly and time consuming repetition is eliminated with a simple interface, allowing creatives to be instantly published across all native advertising channels.

    Adzooma also provides the added bonus of analytical data in real-time. The expensive task of consolidating your data is done for you, providing you with a holistic view of your marketing performance.

    To celebrate the launch of their ambitious innovation, Adzooma is offering an exclusive 14-day free trial for readers, so they can see the benefits of this exciting platform for themselves. Please visit to claim.

    Will Haswell, Business Development Manager at Adzooma, explains: “Early on, we noticed that there wasn’t a single platform that could do the job of tracking, analysing and optimising the profitability of digital marketing campaigns all in one place. This is what inspired us to create Adzooma, and now our platform is helping our customers boost their ROIs worldwide by enabling them to build and optimise all of their digital marketing campaigns in real-time.

    “The key benefits of Adzooma over our competitors are our simplified campaign creation process, and our enhanced performance insights which allow you to quickly and easily analyse and optimise your campaigns. We’ve eliminated the need to login and switch between multiple platforms, freeing up valuable time that can now be better spent improving your campaigns’ performance.”

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