Monday, April 15, 2024

    Affiliate marketing trends uncovered at World Telemedia

    Affiliate marketing is gaining ground as a promotional tool in telemedia and Joao Oliveira, head of advertisers at Mobidea was on hand to show what trends are shaping the industry.

    First up, compliance issues loom large. This is something that affects the whole food chain, he told delegates, with bad ones spoiling it for everyone. The problem, he says, is that it’s very hard to get hold of fraud data and carriers and advertisers need do more to co-ordinate and share that data so that bad affiliates and bad traffic can be weeded out.

    Post event monitoring too is crucial, he told delegates. Apps where ads appear need to share data on churn rate so that rogue ads can be weedled out. Ads that get clicked on and then immediately churn are not wanted. The industry needs to do more to make sure that the ads served are useful and proper.

    Personalisation is also becoming a key theme amongst the affiliate world too. Offering a marketplace of affiliate content and ads and then targeting the right things at the right people will not only increase the effectiveness of affiliate marketing, but will also help to make it clean.

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