Monday, May 27, 2024

    Age verification tool drives a 40% increase in website traffic for gaming sites

    Gaming business, Savvygamblers, has experienced a 40% increase in website visitors following the implementation of new software to make its operation fully compliant with age verification laws.

    The company owns two affiliate websites – and Both aim to drive traffic for the slot provider Big Time Gaming, and for slot providers with the Megaways license respectively. Visitors to the sites can try out the providers’ games for free.

    New regulatory legislation means that even free-to-play games need to ensure robust age verification in the UK. Savvygamblers therefore recognised the need to make its sites fully compliant in order to future-proof its business model. The objective: prevent underage users from accessing the games, whilst maintaining a smooth and straightforward user journey for adult players.

    The business brought AgeChecked on board – an online age verification specialist. AgeChecked’s system works by requiring users to verify their age using reliable evidence such as a driving license or credit card statements. Users only go through this process once. From there, they generate a single age-verified account, which can be used to access any website which signs up to the tool. When signing into their account, they gain instant access to the site in question, with no personal data stored throughout the process.

    AgeChecked’s technology was implemented in July 2019 to achieve compliance with the new age verification laws, whilst maintaining a smooth and straightforward user experience.

    As a result, and are now fully compliant. This is achieved without collecting any personal user information, which ensures that both sites also fully adhere to GDPR regulation. What’s more, since implementing AgeChecked, the number of repeat visitors to both websites has increased by 10%.

    Nigel Hall, CEO of Savvygamblers, says: “Our users know that, after having entered their details once, all future visits to the websites will be quick and easy – hence the increase in visitor numbers. It’s been a great move for us.

    “The AgeChecked team was on hand throughout the implementation to assist with any issues, and the entire transition was simple, easy to understand, stress and hassle-free. Robust compliance and an improved user experience were achieved in one simple step, so I can now get on and build my business.”

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