Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    AgeChecked teams up with innovative Blockchain platform for secure age verification

    AgeChecked, a solution provider for online merchants of age-restricted goods and services, has partnered up with Blockpass, a blockchain-based identity application, to offer users age verification certificates that enable them to prove their age when interacting or accessing services online. 

    The partnership will allow users that are accessing online services, that require proof of age, to verify their identity using the Blockpass identity app instantly and securely, rather than having to repeat the process each time they visit a website. This will make the service more efficient and customer-friendly.

    Blockpass, which specialises in the process of identity verification or ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), gives individuals control over their data and eliminates the painful process of having to constantly submit documentation for every financial service or retailer used. For businesses using the platform, they gain access to a pool of pre-verified users, reducing the cost and time of on-boarding new customers.

    Both systems do not store personal information, such as driving licences or credit card details, and allow customers to create an anonymised account, therefore offering greater security and buyer protection.  

    The partnership between AgeChecked and Blockpass will enable users to prove their age to numerous companies, such as when using gambling sites, buying age restricted products, or signing legal documents, without having to part with their personal identifiable information. AgeChecked will supply a certification that a user is of the correct age, which will be added to the blockchain to make verification quick and secure.

    Alastair Graham, CEO of AgeChecked, said: “Age verification and online safety have become a key talking point amongst businesses in recent months. However, following the well-publicised misuse of the personal data of Facebook users, data privacy has now become a major concern, particularly when it comes to age verification.

    “Of course, we need to ensure our children can use the Internet safely, but we must also not forget about the customers who are actually old enough to access age restricted goods and services. As vital as age verification is to protect children, the process of proving your age must be kept extremely secure and simple to ensure it doesn’t prevent genuine customers from making a purchase. 

    “This is why we have joined forces with Blockpass, which provides businesses with a quick and easy, but also legally-compliant, method of verifying customers’ ages. Our solutions will ensure that site owners stay on the right side of the law, and help to prevent children from stumbling across inappropriate content or obtaining age-restricted goods or services. Alongside this, we will also be making the age verification process as robust and secure as possible, and not at the cost of the customer’s privacy.”

    Adam Vaziri, CEO of Blockpass, said: “Our focus to date has been on identity verification, and AgeChecked’s has been on age verification. We do share similar aims of solving problems for our clients in terms of privacy, data minimisation, and security, so working in partnership was an obvious move. We look forward to working together with AgeChecked to provide the best possible product and service available.”

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