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Aggregator NGN Corp offers MNOs worldwide AIT protection with its AIT Shield


With SMS beset with growing levels of artificial inflation of traffic (AIT), NGN CORP, a leading SMS aggregator, is taking advantage of its large network of direct interconnections with MNOs around the world to protect its clients from this burgeoning traffic fraud.

The company offers the “AIT Shield”, a groundbreaking and complete service protecting MNOs from AIT Fraud by providing secured interconnections with more than 300 directly connected networks exclusively with MNOs and their networks, worldwide.

AIT Shield provides highly experienced personnel monitoring traffic 24×7 along with the aid of efficient AI integrated tools. NGN CORP ensures Money Back Guarantee under SLA, along with competitive prices, a state-of-the-art customer service, in a continuously expanding MNOs network.

Ibrahim Choueiry, CEO of NGN CORP, explains: “We need to start restoring the SMS as a contaminated medium, to the purity it once had. As mindful players of the industry must therefore ensure that there will be a solid foundation of protection against malicious artificial inflated messaging traffic that aims to make a profit at the expense of other companies.”

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