Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    AI for PM? Nearly half of UK voters would vote in AI over Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister, survey reveals

    Using two sets of anonymised manifestos, one from the UK’s current Conservative party and the other generated by ChatGPT, AIPRM quizzed 2,000 UK adults on which set of political promises they would be most likely to support…

    While election fever grips the UK and France, many have looked to AI to help work out what may be about to happen, or indeed what should be about to happen. Here in the UK, the decision would appear to be clear: AI should form the next government.

    Despite having several options to choose from in the UK General Election almost half of all UK voters would actually vote in an AI candidate over current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, according to new research compiled by the experts at AIPRM.

    Surveying 2,000 UK adults aged 16 or above, AIPRM asked participants to choose between two sets of anonymised manifestos, to see who they’d support: one set from the official Conservative Party manifesto, and one generated by AI.

    According to the findings, nearly half of UK voters (46%) preferred the AI generated promises, compared to less than a quarter (23%) who preferred the anonymous Conservative party offerings.

    The AI-generated political promises included an expansion of NHS services to include dental, vision, and mental health care, as well as expanding high speed internet access across the country and increasing public access to government data.

    Whilst the anonymised Tory manifesto leans more on the return of the help to buy housing scheme, tougher sentences for criminals, and immigration control.

    Regionally, people from both Nottingham and Edinburgh residents were found to be the most likely to support the AI candidate, with more than half (51%) of people from each of the cities lending it their vote, respectively.

    Comparatively, those hailing from Belfast and Brighton were discovered to be the most likely to support Rishi Sunak’s manifesto, with just over a quarter of participants living within each of the cities (29%) selecting this list of promises, respectively.

    Of the people who were unsure which of the two manifestos they preferred, people from Newcastle had the most difficulty making a decision, withmore than a quarter (26%) stating they were ‘unsure’.

    Although the AI “candidate” proved to be the most popular of the two across all age groups, it garnered the most support from those aged between 35-44 (53%) and 16-24 (52%).

    Whilst the Conservative promises were most popular among the 25-34 age group (29%) and least popular among those aged 45-54 (20%).

    Christopher C Cemper of AIPRM says of the findings: “The survey raises profound questions about the future of political leadership and the role AI might play in shaping policy and public trust.With respondents being unaware that the manifesto they preferred was generated by AI, it signifies a shift in how people evaluate political platforms—favouring content and ideas over the source or personality behind them.

    “The fact that only 23% of people preferred Rishi Sunak’s Conservative manifesto over the AI-generated one, without knowing it was crafted by AI, suggests a growing discontent with traditional political rhetoric. It shows that voters are looking for fresh, data-driven solutions that may resonate more effectively with their concerns and aspirations.”

    “As AI becomes more integrated into political processes, it will be essential to ensure that these technologies are used responsibly and ethically, maintaining the human element that is vital for genuine engagement.”

    Photo: Number 10 Pro Flickr

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