Thursday, May 23, 2024

    Alternative iOS app platform Appdb adds new layers of ID verification in battle against deepfake sign ups

    Indie iOS app platform Appdb partners with iDenfy to help weedle out sign ups that use masks and deepfakes to then perpetrate fraud

    Appdb, an Estonian-based independent alternative app distribution platform for iOS devices has formed a strategic partnership with iDenfy, a leading RegTech company specializing in ID verification and fraud prevention, to enhance ID verififcation.

    iDenfy’s verification solutions detects fraudulent documents and attempts such as masks and deepfakes. With an impressive success rate of up to 99.99%, it can ensure reliability and full regulatory compliance, including GDPR laws, says the company.

    The collaboration with iDenfy marks a significant step towards enhancing platform security and integrity leveraging iDenfy’s identity verification solutions, to provide a seamless and trustworthy experience for Appdb developers and users.

    Appdb is community-powered project, working via secure Apple protocols, and is free. It’s free. With appdb, users can install as many apps as they want – and they won’t expire. Stability of apps depends on sideloading method that you chose.

    Appdb has started preparation for official app publication on Appdb, with launching Publisher ID service.Additionally, the platform inviting interested developers to complete identity verification procedure and publish their own apps.

    More about it here in Appdb’s: free app publication features package.

    iDenfy is a global digital identity verification and fraud prevention platform helping organisations comply with the ever-evolving Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

    Its end-to-end fraud prevention ecosystem is designed to detect and prevent cybercrime in real-time, using the power of liveness detection, biometrics, artificial intelligence, and its own team of professional in-house experts’ to support every business’ needs – from small startups to high-end enterprises.

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