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Digital Select 2022 Ad

Amazon Advertising inventory now available in 4C’s Scope Platform


Marketers can now analyse their Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns alongside Apple News, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, NBCUniversal, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat within 4C’s platform, Scope by 4CTM, .

Scope is the first self-service technology that delivers audience discovery, media execution, and performance analysis across TV, social, digital, and mobile marketplaces.

Amazon is not only a highly significant e-commerce channel, but also has a rapidly growing advertising business. 4C’s Amazon offering presents a strong option for marketers, particularly among the CPG segment, who are looking to connect their ecommerce presence with their full range of cross-channel advertising activities.

“With the availability of Amazon’s Sponsored Product ads through the Scope platform, 4C provides advertisers with a new way to connect with relevant audiences,” says Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C. “The Amazon integration further bolsters 4C’s position as a single self-service platform where marketers can manage their advertising across Social and eCommerce.”

Through 4C’s Scope platform, clients can now leverage Sponsored Products to drive traffic and reach their audiences with relevant ads on Amazon.com across desktop and mobile. These are keyword targeted, pay-per-click ads that appear within and above search Amazon results. Advertisers can plan, execute, and analyse these campaigns within Scope, which offers unique pacing, optimization, workflow automation, and reporting tools across channels.

“Adding Amazon to 4C’s mix not only helps clients maximize this powerhouse channel but makes it possible to truly optimize campaigns for every step along the buyer journey, from brand awareness to product research to making a purchase,” said Rob Bernstein, Managing Director, Reprise.


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