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Android enabled table shows how mobile is becoming part of life’s furniture


The furniture world has received a shake up with the launch of a “next generation coffee table” equipped with Android technology. Stylish, interactive and seriously futuristic, the KioCube and KioPro touchscreen table range is set to become a must have item for clients wanting to galvanise their customer engagement strategies.

From hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and retail receptions to exhibition stands, leisure venues and restaurants, the ultra-diverse KioCube and KioPro range is at the vanguard of the social furniture revolution. Not only is it functional and intelligent but it also makes a chic addition to any interior space.

Sheena MacKenzie, Managing Director at LifeSize Touch explains: “Contemporary consumers (and in particular millennials) are all about technology and today they expect so much more from the businesses they choose to interact with. Our Android touch tables give our clients the chance to engage with their customers on a whole new level that opens up a myriad of opportunities. With its flawless blend of entertainment, information and data capture, the product is a must have asset for any customer oriented enterprise.”

Available in fluid circular or sleek square designs, the range features 19” – 55” Android touchscreens creating a completely flat surface. This gives the product a dangerous edge over counterpart touchscreen tables that adopt less durable bezels or inlaid designs. The intelligent integration and design makes the table theft resistant, vandal resistant, spill proof and exceptionally hygienic. Touch screens are protected, aesthetics are maintained and users enjoy a stress free experience that fosters engagement and exhilaration.

Their award winning furniture range can be customised to complement a client’s interior and height requirements. From elegant wood laminates to a kaleidoscopic Formica colour range, the touchscreen tables can be made into one-of-a-kind feature pieces.

Research from IDC predicts that, by 2018, Android would dominate 77.6% of the global mobile operating system share. The use of the industry leading operating system gives LifeSize customers access to 1.3 million apps in the Android marketplace. They can then create customised desktops and give users access to engaging content at their fingertips. From custom menus, daily newspapers, local information, magazines, games and advertising, the options are immense, in particular all types of data capture. For lovers of Windows 8 LifeSize Touch can also supply compatible apps for a surcharge.

All LifeSize touchscreen tables come with a two year UK warranty and the quality of authentic British design and build.

Click here to find out more about the KioCube and KioPro range and how LifeSize Touch is reimagining the furniture of the future


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