Thursday, June 13, 2024

    App helps tackle e-ticket fraud when internet connectivity is slow or unstable

    The developers of codeREADr, an enterprise barcode scanning app with integrated Web services, have launched auto-sync technology for offline ticket validation at events. When combined with on-device databases, auto-sync enables venues and event organizers to catch event attendees using duplicate or fake tickets, even if Internet connectivity is slow or unstable.

    The ideal method to validate tickets is to host a ticket database online. In that way all scanning devices are all connect in real-time to that database and thus all devices are in sync. However, if Internet connectivity becomes slow or unstable then the validation process takes longer, lines build quickly and ticket holders get annoyed.

    “Event organizers tell us slow or unstable connectivity is quite common, especially as available bandwidth is used by smartphone-wielding crowds. In 2009 we added the option to host ticket databases on the device itself, enabling offline validation with manual syncing. Now with auto-sync we’ve significantly narrowed the difference between online and offline validation,” said Rich Eicher Sr., codeREADr’s Director of Business Development.

    With auto-sync, scans are quickly validated against an on-device database downloaded to iOS and Android devices. The scans from all devices are automatically uploaded every 2-seconds to a shared online database and the synced database is downloaded to each device.

    Both processes are completed in the background so the person scanning tickets can keep scanning without interruption. If connectivity is completely lost, then the scans are queued and synced when connectivity is restored.

    “While e-tickets are convenient for consumers, they increase the risk of fraud because they are easier to copy and fake than traditional printed tickets And with the dramatic rise in emailed, mobile and print-at-home tickets, it’s increasingly important for venues and event organizers to verify the authenticity of an attendee’s ticket,” said Eicher.

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