Sunday, May 19, 2024

    Appness Human Cloud brings powerful innovations to fuel Facebook ad creativity

    Appness, the provider of the first CPA-based marketplace for Facebook mobile advertising, has unveiled the new Appness Human Cloud, designed to produce a steady supply of unique creatives and streamline the advertising process for app developers.

    Millions of businesses around the globe use Facebook mobile ads on a daily basis to reach their precise target audience. However, while Facebook tools are genuinely powerful and affordable for all types of companies, be they large enterprises or SMBs, there are challenges inevitably faced by all of them. One of the major obstacles at a certain stage of company development is inadequate internal resources to effectively run ads at scale.

    A long-term marketing strategy requires far more than designing a couple of creatives – it needs a potent fuel to ensure that Facebook ad campaigns never dry up. Faced with the need to entrust their ad campaigns to freelancers, advertisers may well doubt their product knowledge and their level of dedication to the company.

    To fill these gaps in advertising strategy, Appness has developed a unique technique set that eliminates the major problem encountered by advertisers when working with creatives and media buying on Facebook.

    In the words of Mikhail Prytkov, Chief Operating Officer at Appness: “Today a growing number of Facebook advertisers face an increasing demand for creativity. Here at Appness, we realize the value of the right creative strategy, as well as the problems caused by the lack of unique media. Advocating the idea of community-driven marketing, we decided to accumulate and empower ad design talents on the basis of our platform. This is why we have created the Appness Human Cloud – a diverse lot of talented designers powered by the platform’s intelligent ad optimization algorithms to fuel mobile advertising.”

    Specifically, the Appness Human Cloud brings innovations such as:

    • A Steady Supply of Unique Creatives, which offers access to virtually unlimited creatives produced by freelance ad designers and creative teams worldwide with a broad range of expertise in foreign markets and languages
    • Pre-approval of Creatives – advertisers registered on the platform can preview and manage all 3rd-party creatives before they get to the audience. This way they can rest assured that all ads driving traffic to their app fully comply with their advertising strategy and content policy
    • Creatives Feed technology allows businesses to get real-time updates on all Facebook banners, creatives and videos running for their app from all media buyers they work with, and only interfere when it’s truly needed
    • Brand Safety – if an advertiser spots a creative that they consider inappropriate or even harmful to their business interests or reputation, they can pull the plug on it immediately and avoid all the potential unsavory consequences, all in a single click

    Yuri Ivanov, Head of User Acquisition at Joom – a mobile application with 15M installs for delivering high-quality goods, including men’s and women’s clothing, cosmetics, electronics and more – says: “Appness aggregates all metrics from all media buyers, as well as all their advertisements. The platform provides complete visibility, so I can easily access all data and the creatives feed, and analyze the performance of Joom’s ads.”

    The future of market development is in creating innovative solutions that help all kinds of businesses leverage the power of mobile outreach and streamline their Facebook activity. And while many brands still underestimate the value of mobile marketing, Facebook continues to expand its advertising machine, and the larger its user database becomes, the greater its potential as a sales driving tool.

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