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Appness named a Snapchat Certified Partner, managing ads for clients on the social channel


Appness, a creative and media buying lab for mobile advertising, has officially become a Snapchat Certified Partner, thus entering the list of industry-leading agencies entrusted to develop and manage Snapchat ad campaigns on behalf of their clients.

Since its launch back in 2011, Snapchat has taken a huge leap in terms of technological advancement and is now one of the most popular apps in the world. Young, tech-savvy audience and unique ad formats made Snapchat a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and categories.

The launch of the Partner Program was a huge step towards building the trust between advertisers and ad service providers, as well as improvement of the entire mobile ecosystem. In order to get an official Snapchat Partner badge, Appness has gone through the certification process and has proven their knowledge of the platform’s tools.

For marketers seeking growth and scalability, working with Snapchat Certified Partners is a proven way to attract highly-involved users and drive return on investment.

Alex Popov, Head of Sales at Appness says: “For six years of being on the market, Appness has gained massive expertise in Facebook media buying. However, as time moves on, nearly a year ago we focused on finding new advertising channels that would give us equally impressive results as Facebook. One of such discoveries was Snapchat, the fastest growing social platform with a highly engaged audience (an average Snapchatter opens the app over 20 times a day). Active, loyal users, native advertising formats, easy integration process, and competent staff enabled us to achieve excellent outcomes for our partners, which resulted in obtaining the Snapchat Certified Partner status. We are proud to be included in the Program and looking forward to bringing new areas of expertise to the market.”


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