Friday, June 21, 2024

    Athalos partners with operators and NGOs in Pakistan to simplify and accelerate fund raising with a single global telephone number

    Athalos, a social impact business and innovator in global numbers, has partnered with PTCL, Jazz and Ufone to provide a single global telephone number for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Pakistan.

    The global numbers can be used to engage global donors and provide critical revenue streams for NGOs with the +883100-phone number. UN Global Compact Pakistan and Help International Welfare Trust (HIWT) Pakistan have deployed the solution.

    Athalos enables NGOs to share a single telephone number across the globe to engage the Pakistani diaspora and raise funds seamlessly with a borderless model. A single global number enables small and mid-size NGOs to raise funds around the world without limits and maximise the reach and effectiveness of their campaigns.

    Before Athalos, NGOs of all sizes have had to work with service providers to buy, manage and deploy multiple numbers across every market where they are requesting donations. The Athalos global number is provided at no cost to the NGO.

    “Phone numbers remain critical to how we connect, communicate, and collaborate. We’re disrupting traditional models and using technology for good,” said Martijn van der Ven, founder and CEO at Athalos. “Together with our telecom operator partners, we are enabling NGOs to innovate and maximise the impact they can have on society, the environment, and people. In a digital world that is borderless, we are removing the barriers to global communication and empowering people. Our aim is to help any NGO around the world with connectivity and services that are urgently needed. For example, the earthquake response in Turkey is a key priority today.”

    Athalos has access to more than 11 billion global phone numbers. It enables enterprises, service providers, governments, and NGOs to deploy a single number with a fixed rate that connects users no matter where they are located. Athalos’ global number solutions are working to get fully operational and use the +88251 and +883100 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) number ranges. The company is supported by The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the ITU and the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, The Netherlands and Pakistan.

    “We are levelling the playing field for NGOs in Pakistan and across the globe. We are enabling them to engage donors with a friction-free and borderless model that matches our digital world. NGOs can use a single global number to generate revenue that can be directly used to provide aid, alleviate suffering, and enhance people’s lives,” said Zubair Anwar-Bawany, Global Partnerships Director at Athalos and Deputy Executive Director UN Global Compact Pakistan and leading acceleration for Sustainability. “We’re using a unique telecoms solution to fill a critical gap for NGOs and help them to immediately transform their fund raising and go global.”

    Athalos’ international carrier relationships span Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Its solutions are underpinned by direct links to an ecosystem of billions of potential users. Carriers that join the Athalos ecosystem can offer their customers global number solutions while expanding the reach and capillarity of Athalos’ offering for NGOs.

    The NGOs already benefitting from Athalos’ offering include: UN Global Compact Pakistan – SDG number 5 – Gender Equality (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls) [+883100 200005] and Help International Welfare Trust (HIWT) – a Non-Profit Charity Organization caters 100% free of cost treatment of Thalassemia Patients with your Donation [+883100 204498].

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