Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Attracting new talent with the help of various social media channels

    Social media is not just for cat videos and stalking your ex. It has become one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools in business. Yet, no longer are entrepreneurs and savvy business owners just using social media to market products and services. It is capable of something else.

    Social media can be a marvel for attracting new staff and talent. When the costs of a recruitment process can be high, free social media channels can help you reduce those costs or make the processes quicker. This is how your business can use social media to attract more top talent.

    1.     Social Sharing

    Let’s imagine you just listed two fantastic jobs in Liverpool on Jobrapido, one of the most successful job search sites. Lots of people will find those jobs who were searching for vacancies in Liverpool – which is great – but you can increase exposure with the click of a button. Sharing your listing on the site with a social media audience could reach more potential applicants.

    Some applicants may not be specifically looking for a job in Liverpool but may be open to relocation once they see it is your company that has a vacancy. Sharing it on social media is effortless but will increase traffic to your listing from people that are already following your company on social media.

    2.     Highlight Your Office Culture

    One way to make your company more attractive to the best staff is to show off your office culture. Most millennials want beanbags and free food. You may not be able to offer that, but you could upload office tours and meet the boss style videos for the world to see. Videos travel fast and are consumed often, so this could be the most effective way of spreading how great of an employer you are.

    If viewers see a cool and edgy place to work with a vibrant atmosphere, they may be more interested in applying for your openings. These behind the scenes insights contribute to a strong overall social media employer brand.

    3.     Staff Takeover

    Also allowing your current staff to take over the running of social media channels is beneficial. This allows you to spread authentic experiences on various media. An excellent idea is to offer staff the chance to post their employee experiences on the company blog.

    4.     Strike a Social Balance

    Nobody wants to work for a boss that is overly serious and runs the office like a military operation. Your social media needs to reflect your working environment and that means balancing between fun posts, pop culture engagement and serious stuff. You may want to use different channels to achieve the balance. Some channels are set up for this. Keep LinkedIn for the serious content and relax a little with Instagram.

    Not doing these already? Maybe you should – if you want applicants from more talented staff!

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