Wednesday, June 19, 2024

    AU10TIX introduces one-stop identity verification hub to enable the transition to digital identity

    As we all move towards digital ID, verification becomes vital for businesses... and now there is a hub to help

    AU10TIX, a global technology leader in identity verification and management, today announced the expansion of its Digital ID solution, which enables businesses to rapidly, accurately and securely verify IDs of all types, including physical, digital, eID, verifiable credentials, and more.

    AU10TIX’s fully automated Digital ID solution serves as a verification hub for business owners, enabling faster and more accurate identity verification. It enhances completion rates, improves the customer experience, and drives revenue growth.

    The solution ensures thorough verification of all digital IDs by validating the cryptographic signature and cross-checks the personal identifiable information (PII) displayed on the user’s ID against government databases from countries like Brazil and India. The system further eliminates the risk of false authentications through added services such as face and data comparison.

    “Our Digital ID solution empowers businesses to embrace the global shift to digital identity with confidence,” says Dan Yerushalmi, CEO of AU10TIX. “It combines unparalleled accuracy and global reach with robust security measures to streamline onboarding and minimize fraud risk, all while addressing the diverse array of global ID formats.”

    Key features of AU10TIX’s Digital ID suite include:

    • Global Coverage: Ability to validate digital signatures, ensuring accessibility and reliability worldwide.
    • Digital ID Verification Hub: Enables the user to manage all verification processes in one platform, creating customizable workflows and rules for streamlined operations.
    • Automated Verification Processes: Streamlines the onboarding process with advanced automation, reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency.
    • Data Discrepancy Analysis: Enables users to analyze data discrepancies to identify potentially fraudulent activities and enhance security measures.
    • Continuous Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Helps businesses stay ahead of evolving regulations.
    • Scalable Infrastructure: Accommodates businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups to enterprises.
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