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    AWG expands with a leading digital sports platform in Bolivia

    AWG and Viva Bolivia have joined forces to create Hype Sports, the Bolivian company’s new white label sports platform.

    The objective is to bring new formats and productions closer to the public, AWG promotes the culture and sports in each region, uniting passions and interests between protagonists and users. Pablo Friedman, Sports Product Owner of the company said about it: “We produce all our content platforms from a local point of view, creating teams with experienced content leaders in every country. This gives our products the guarantee of a local relevance”.

    On July 7, 2022, AWG and Viva Bolivia launched a project which they worked on together since the beginning of this year called Hype Sports. With the World Cup as the engine, both teams set the goal of developing a complete sports platform in which users participate to win great prizes, in addition to accessing videos, podcasts and exclusive editorial articles on local and international sports.

    The incentivised promotion consists of two trips to the Football World Cup Qatar 2022. Two Hype Sports users will have the opportunity to experience the greatest Football tournament watching live games, knowing the local culture and meeting fans from other countries around the world. Also for those who are not lucky enough to win the grand prize, there will be  PlayStations, big screen TVs, audio systems, cell phones, Google Chromecasts, soccer jerseys and data packages as complementary prizes.

    “Audience in Rusia 2018 had a 3.500 million viewers record and the final game had four times more viewers than the Super Bowl 2018. For Qatar 2022 the expectation is to have an audience of 5.000 million. Football audiences are growing especially in Latam, with 35% of the total digital content consumed in the region. This year’s opportunity is perfect for a brand to get more recognition and considerable business improvements. That was the basis for our deal with Viva Bolivia to perform a unique platform” said Friedman.

    AWG strengthens its position in white label sports content services for mobile telecommunications companies:

    • Personal Deportes Paraguay
    • Zona Deporte Movistar Argentina
    • MTN FC South Africa
    • Digicel Sports El Salvador and Jamaica
    • Hype Sports, Viva Bolivia

    With Hype Sports, users will be able to access the live results of the Professional Division matches, powered by Stats Perform, partner of the company. They provide more than 500 news and videos of international sports leagues every day. The content library includes exclusive weekly short videos with sports stars from different cities in the country, and series of in-depth interviews with local league players.

    The journalistic production is coordinated by Roberto Acosta, CEO of LateBol and journalistic collaborator at Radio Deportes Bolivia, Red Bolivisión and BolaVip. His team develops in-depth interviews with Bolivian sports figures, weekly podcasts on sports news in the country and original and exclusive audiovisual material.

    The platform also has a user profile where the detail of the points for the prizes is shown. It includes the option to choose which themes or tags are the ones users want to get as notifications when there are new contents being uploaded. This strategy works to give each user a personalized experience and the feeling of being taken care of.

    Users can access the platform through different channels in the whole country. There is an App located in Play Store, a responsive webapp that can be accessed through any browser and many subscription plans to make it simple to be a part of the new sports community in Bolivia.

    Founded in 2004 and with +70% Latam market penetration, AWG is the Latam leader in direct carrier billing. Adream team of +100 collaborators operates in 18 countries in partnership with 32 mobile operators from Latin America and Africa.

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