Monday, May 20, 2024

    Bango brings carrier billing to Netflix subscribers in Mexico

    Bango, the leading mobile payments company, has partnered with Netflix to launch carrier billing for Netflix subscriptions in Mexico.

    Customers who sign up to Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, can now pay using their pre or post-paid mobile phone bill. Enabled by Bango, carrier billed payment is initially available to over 12 million subscribers in Mexico.

    Customers can now choose carrier billing as the payment option when signing up to a Netflix subscription online. The recurring monthly charge is added to the phone bill, on any platform, including Android, Apple and Microsoft devices, providing a highly inclusive payment method.

    Rapid growth in internet access through smartphone adoption in Mexico, and Latin America more broadly, is increasing the consumption of online content and services. The paid TV market is particularly strong in Mexico, with Netflix holding a 70% market share according to The Competitive Intelligence Unit(2016). With only 25% of the population owning a credit card (World Bank Findex, AMI analysis, 2017), carrier billing provides an essential payment method for bringing universal access to the digital content ecosystem.

    This launch sees Bango further progress in Mexico, having launched the first Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play in Latin America in 2015, with Nextel and Iusacell Mexico.

    Bango CEO Ray Anderson comments: “Carrier billing adds many new customers to merchant services. We are pleased to provide a fast, safe, easy to use alternative payment method for Netflix customers in Mexico. Netflix is a hugely popular entertainment service across all regions so adding carrier billing presents a massive opportunity for growing their customers and increasing subscriber engagement in Mexico.”

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