Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Beamly reaches 10.4 million users in 12 months, unveils new easy way to engage with TV shows

    With TV companies desperate to encourage interaction, but with 90% of Twitter users passive, how do you drive that engagement? Social TV platform Beamly, believes it has the answer with a series of experiences that further meet the Millennial need to engage with their favourite TV programmes 24/7.

    As more than 74% of Millennials now consume TV on-demand, these experiences cater to real-time participation any time of the day. Flexibility in these frictionless experiences mean they can be tied to TV shows, videos online, or even TV related articles.

    The release of these new features comes on the heels of record growth for Beamly that has enjoyed an 11X lift in growth to 10.4m unique users since its relaunch in April 2014. A major driver of this audience growth has been success in offering a menu of 24/7 experiences that live across NBCU, Viacom and new partner TV network sites.

    “More than 90% of people on Twitter don’t tweet,” said Jason Forbes, Beamly’s CEO. “Frictionless Fun is the result of intense testing with Millennial and other TV fan segments to amplify the level of audience participation around the clock. For one primetime-show experience we saw over two million votes in less than 48 hours. This also gives TV networks another set of capabilities that can be embedded in minutes on their site to drive audiences, engagement and monetisation.”

    Frictionless Fun will mark the easiest way for fans to interact. Experiences include:
    • ‘Votely’ – a one-click way to express sentiment towards a TV show, 24/7, visually showing in real time how others fans are voting
    • ‘Sticker sensations’ – one-click stickers, emojis and icons, customised by TV show and topic that can be shared across the biggest social networks
    •‘Interactive maps and polls’ – one-click, customizable maps and polls
    • Plus, ‘Creative Democracy’:
    • ‘Contribution grid’ across Beamly show pages that elevates a series of contribution options to the top of the page for easier user posting
    • ‘Quiz Creator’ – Extending ‘frictionless’ and choice to content creators and TV networks with just four steps to create, embed and share any quiz

    Later this month, ‘Throwback Pages’—an ode to the most popular shows of the past that have struck a particular chord with Millennials. This special section will offer users space to effortlessly connect and share nostalgic television content.

    Initial results from frictionless trials in February lifted audience engagement by 72% month on month, further demonstrating Beamly’s position as the ultimate destination for TV fans. Every TV show on Beamly now includes its own followable feed of news, interactions, and community conversation. Usage data has revealed that following multiple shows on Beamly turns fans into super users, who on average visit Beamly for more than 500 minutes and 21 times per week.

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