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Best phones for TikTok videos in 2021


TikTok the online video sharing social media service continues to go from strength to strength. It is currently downloaded more times than other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and has well above 100 million users in the West, despite security concerns that it is n extension of the Chinese state apparatus. That has seen it banned in India and a similar threat was mad by President Trump in the US.

A mark of its popularity is the fact that American teen Charli d’Amelio became the first TikTok influencer recently to pass the 100 million-follower benchmark Part of TikTok’s appeal lies in ints smartphone compatibility, but, depending on your needs, the features that these phones should have are not the same.

Those are looking to TikTok, to play casino or video games will not have need of the same capabilities as somebody primarily wanting to make or watch videos on the platform.

Here are some suggestions for best phones for TikTok video in 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung is expected to invest heavily in camera optic technology ion the coming years in order to be able to compete with cheaper Chinese brands.

The Galaxy S11 is expected enhanced optical zoom,. Deep Fusion-like technology, and a range of camera features such as Director’s View, Single take Photo, Vertical Panorama, and Night Hyperlapse. It will also come in three screen sizes, whilst there will a dedicated punch hole for selfie camera.

iPhone 11 Pro

The latest in the highly successful iPhone range has recently been released and although it does not offer anything revolutionary, there are enough new features to satisfy most devotees. For example, Apple’s Night Mode uses SMART HDR technology to selective under or overexpose specific areas of a scene.

And as regards video, it has three cameras all of which are capable or recording at 4K resolution and up to 50 frames per second. Users also have the option of capturing slow-motion clips with the forward-facing camera.

Google Pixel 5

This is an attempt by Google to plug a hole in the market – the lack of good small Android phones. And it largely succeeds, balancing multimedia capabilities without having to compromise on size and weight.

Users have the option to choose between Natural and Boosted Colour profiles, whilst this model features a 16 Mp ulktrawide sensor which offers a new perspective on a subject or fit more ina  frame without the need to constantly move position.

In addition they have introduced virtual portrait lighting, a range of video stabilisation options, and the ability o record at 4K 60fps.

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