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Aside from these key areas, the show also proved that data is the theme du jour. Collecting data, managing data, understanding data and monetising data are all going to be vital parts of any business – not least in telemedia.

GDPR is one obvious manifestation of how you have to be careful about data, but how to be compliant with your data and your services and how to understand the value of the data you do have is vital.

The show also looked at emerging markets. Africa was discussed at length by James McNab from Basebone, who shared is insights into how to crack this nascent market. One thing of note is that texts from God are a sure-fire money spinner: no one wants to text god to say STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES.

Opting out of God was echoed by Matt Winters from Veoo, who has worked LatAm extensively and has seen business booming. Ringtones and wallpaper are still big, but so are increasingly sophisticated services.

The show was also testament to how markets in the middle East and across lesser know parts of Eastern Europe and Eurasia are also in the ascendant. Delegates from Azerbijan jostled with those from across the Baltics and even Russian and the Crimea.

There were also people from China who had come to see how to monetise content and data services and, interestingly, to look at how to leverage DCB in this huge market. Certainly providing pause for thought for next year’s event.


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