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    How to better engage your customers with mobile marketing this Christmas

    With November fast approaching, companies are no doubt planning and implementing their Christmas marketing strategies as well as their strategies for Black Friday. Written by Matthew Winters, CEO, Veoo, outlines what you need to do.

    This year I would urge companies to make sure that they add mobile marketing to their arsenal, if they haven’t done so already, in order to stand out in an ever more crowded marketplace. Mobile marketing strategy ideas like the ones I am about to run through will help create more engagement with your prospective customers, creating great results, as well as giving your customer loyalty programs a boost.

    1. Customer Engagement at an Early Stage

    Building your mobile marketing database long before the holiday season from Black Friday to New Year is key. Enticing customers by your initial SMS offers will get sign ups to help drive further sales with great call to actions as we delve further into the holiday season. Once you have these customers in your SMS database, you can send your holiday offers right to their text message inboxes.

    1. Engage Customers in Transactional Messages

    Shopping for Christmas and, more recently, Black Friday gifts becomes almost a full-time project for the average shopper. They have to stay on top of which order is shipping when, what’s out of stock, and when that product they have been eyeing will go on sale. So, why not make this process easier for them using transactional messaging?

    1. Give Loyal Customers an incentive

    This time of the year is the perfect opportunity for you to show your appreciation to all those loyal customers you have. Sending an offer for a free gift — no purchase is necessary – that can be stored in a mobile wallet is a great idea as customers will have to pick up this gift in store. Once they’re in, there’s a great opportunity to engage in further sales and a high chance they’ll end up buying something.

    1. Give a Sneak Peek at Promotions

    Reward those customers who have added your loyalty card to their mobile wallets or signed up to your database by giving them advance notice of holiday promotions and sales. You can choose to let them actually take advantage of the deals early or simply whet their appetite so that they’re ready to buy the minute the sale launches.

    1. Christmas Offers

    Take advantage of the Christmas season by theming your offers and making them irresistible. This way you can engage customers based on their preferences and the type of customers they are, whether casual or regular shoppers.

    With Black Friday a few weeks away and the Christmas rush already starting, don’t delay in planning your mobile marketing strategy! Speak to Veoo today to find out how we can help you maximise customer engagement. That way when November rolls around, you will have already built your mobile marketing database and will be able to just sit back and monitor the ROI.

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