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Betting on the planet: for every new player that gambles online, £1 is donated to charity 


An online casino affiliate website has announced a new initiative wherein they will donate £1 for every player they refer to one of their casinos. This money could be given to a number of charities, with them suggesting environmental organisations such as Defenders, EarthDay and Plastic Oceans UK.

Following the recent reports of the devastating impact human activity is having on our seas and wildlife, with it thought a quarter of mammals in Britain alone are facing extinction, www.MrCasinova.com has made the decision to introduce a unique programme wherein they will donate £1 to environmental charities for every new user that goes through them to affiliated casinos online until the end of 2019.

The charities that will potentially benefit from this initiative include Defenders, who aim to prevent extinction of animals and protect those most threatened, EarthDay, whose goal is to educate and activate environmental movements worldwide, and Plastic Oceans UK, who want to stop plastic from ever reaching the oceans.

As Mr Casinova is still deciding on where the raised money should go, people are encouraged to suggested additional charities to benefit from the cause, with the casino affiliate website encouraging users to help make the world a better place and submit any charitable causes they believe are worth highlighting to better the world.

There is currently no cap on the amount that the MrCasinova.com team will donate, with £1 for every customer referral being donated, and they are hoping to raise thousands for the charities in question.

Tobias Hols, spokesperson for Mr Casinova, commented: “Our job is to provide our users with the best casinos and offers available on the internet, however we realised that there is no reason why we cannot continue doing this whilst also doing our bit and helping the planet. We think every single company should be doing more for the future of the earth and the generations to follow. If we do not act right now, it will be too late and we want to be on the right side of history.”


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