Thursday, April 18, 2024
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    BillMobile makes refunds onto phone bill possible and signs Enarpee Services as first client 

    Thanks to the new MobileRefunds solution, businesses that charge a consumer’s mobile phone bill – for anything from digital goods, to charity donations – can, for the first time, refund directly back onto that mobile phone bill if needed. Telemedia-online has learned.

    BillMobile has developed the new technology, to help businesses both simplify and reduce the cost of their refund process. Enarpee Services, an experts in regulatory advice, due diligence, compliance and audits, has signed up as the first MobileRefunds client.

    “The current system means that businesses ask an already disappointed, or even angry, customer to spend time waiting for, and then cashing a cheque in order to receive their refund,” says Adam Williams, COO of BillMobile. “We can now provide a simple and effective way of providing the consumer with a refund that meets their expectations.”

    The Mobile Refunds solution is for any business that charges consumers from their phone bill. No matter which mobile payment method the consumer used – charge to mobile, text message, premium rate phone number – the money can be returned directly to the user’s phone bill with MobileRefunds.

    With the implementation of PSD2, it is likely that more consumers than ever will be using charge to mobile to pay for digital goods and so refunds are going to become more common. This technology comes along at just the right time to help smooth out one of the last remaining kinks in direct carrier billing as a mass market offering.

    “We run a number of fulfilment services on behalf of clients that can sometimes result in consumers requesting refunds. It is normal in any industry that mistakes can be made and it is how we correct those mistakes that affects the reputation of our business and that of our clients and their brands. The new MobileRefunds solution will help us facilitate an even better service level for our clients and ultimately increase consumers’ satisfaction,” says Neil Penny, Owner and Director of Enarpee Services.

    The crediting technology used by BillMobile simply adds a credit to the user’s mobile phone bill, rather than a charge.

    The solution is easy for a business to use – they just sign up at and add an account balance. They can then refund consumers as needed, either individually, or in batches by uploading a spreadsheet of refunds.

    Not only does the MobileRefunds solution improve relationships with consumers, but at just 99p per refund it is cheaper for the merchants than the cost of a cheque plus the envelope, stamp and time to send out a refund in the old fashioned way.

    As well as being a cost and time saving solution for businesses, consumers will appreciate the simplicity of being refunded to their mobile bill. It is expected that the number of complaints that are escalated by consumers to the mobile operators themselves will dramatically reduce.

    “Businesses can now provide a holistic customer care experience across mobile. What we have developed is a simple, easy, clean, transparent way to refund money directly back onto a consumer’s phone bill,” continued Williams. “If consumers spend money from their mobile phone they expect any refund to go back onto that bill. With MobileRefunds that now happens, resulting in consumers that are happier, more likely to buy from that business again and less likely to complain directly to their mobile operator.”

    The service launches this week on the Three network, with EE to follow shortly. Refunds will also be able to be offered on all the UK major mobile networks in the near future.

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