Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    Blockchain app makes no mean no in Sweden and across the world

    LegalThings One, a Dutch software platform specialising in process automation software and blockchain technology, has launched the LegalFling app, creating legally binding contracts for consensual sex using blockchain.

    Following the newly adopted law on sexual consent in Sweden, LegalFling is now worldwide and for free available.

    Celebrating your bachelorette party with a bunch of friends in Stockholm or planning to attend Swedish Midsummer? Things might be different this summer, since the new law on sexual consent in Sweden will come into effect on July 1.

    What is the deal? Sweden has adopted the first law that acknowledges sex without explicit consent as rape. In the country where the number of reported sexual offenses is rising, lawmakers hope the legislation will help change attitudes and stop sexual assaults.

    LegalFling, founded by ex-lawyers and a developer, offers a solution avoiding uncomfortable situations. How does it work? You ask for permission through the application and make clear what your intentions are upfront. The counterparty can either accept or decline the offer with only one swipe.

    Subsequently, there are more steps you could take. In case you agree to taking pictures in the bedroom, you can also explicitly agree that none may be shared at any time with anyone afterwards. If someone breaks the rules, the user could appeal for the penalty clause attached to the agreement. This makes taking your fling to court a lot easier.

    “This probably does not apply to 99.9% of the users. However, people should bear in mind that his could happen anyway. And that you are totally helpless when it happens,” says Rick Schmitz, co-inventor of LegalFling. “The life of the subject person will be never the same afterwards. This app provides a helping hand for lawmakers. We expect thousands of Swedes to download our application,” says Schmitz, who also stresses that the app is worldwide available for free. “Whereas most similar apps are not.”

    “LegalFling is a showcase for LegalThings One, a platform to create Live Contracts” he continues. “With the LegalFling app we continue to prove that making an agreement is not about a static piece of paper, but something you continuously interact with. With LegalFling you don’t have the feeling that you are making a contract, it feels more like sending a Whatsapp message that indicates privileges.”

    Image: LegalFling.io

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