Sunday, April 21, 2024
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    Blockchain-based cryptobilling payment service PumaPay goes live with first integration

    PumaPay, an innovative blockchain-based payment system, has seen its cryptobilling solution, PullPayment Protocol, integrated for the first time by Utherverse’s Red Light Center.

    Members of Red Light Center’s adult virtual world are now able to pay to enter using PMA, PumaPay’s coin, via the PumaPay Wallet.

    PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol now supports Red Light Center with blockchain-based solutions for everyday transactions, such as pay-per-use, scheduled payments, and monthly subscriptions. In addition, the protocol enables members of Red Light Center’s online community to keep their payments private.

    The PullPayment Protocol provides flexibility for cryptopayments in everyday transactions by enabling multiple payment scenarios for businesses, such as subscriptions, top-ups, and other familiar billing methodologies that are common in everyday life, but until now were not possible on the blockchain.

    Through PumaPay’s system, member payments to Red Light Center will be received within minutes. Transactions over the protocol will be free, with the exception of a small gas fee payable to the Ethereum blockchain, which powers PumaPay’s protocol.

    “PumaPay has been pushing for cryptocurrency mass adoption since the day of its inception,” says Yoav Dror, CEO of PumaPay. “Today, with our PullPayment Protocol’s first integration by Red Light Center, that dream is becoming a reality.”

    “We chose PumaPay because we wanted a payment system that offers flexibility, speed, cost savings, and transparency,” explains Brian Shuster, CEO of Red Light Center. “PumaPay’s payment system, adapted to Red Light Center’s business logic, is both ingenious and convenient and paves the way for blockchain technology to transform the payments sector.”

    By building its own ecosystem, including a Business Console and PumaPay Pride, a marketing hub for all businesses to promote their products, PumaPay offers a cryptopayment system tailored to meet the needs of all businesses and individuals worldwide.


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