Friday, May 24, 2024

    Blockchain-based MNO World Mobile expands into US to tap into “13 states with no internet access”

    Blockchain-based mobile network operator World Mobile is building for global growth with the appointment of technology entrepreneur and inventor James Tagg as Chief Architect and to head its new US operation.

    Expansion into the United States – where 27.6 million households still don’t have Internet access and 30% of the landmass lacks cellular coverage  – highlights the next stage in the rapid development of the British-based company, which is aiming to revolutionise connectivity in sub-Saharan Africa and throughout the world.

    The 27.6 million households without home Internet in the US is the equivalent of 13 US states but connectivity is particularly a crisis in rural America, where a shocking 35% have no access. Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama are the states with the highest number of unconnected households.

    James Tagg brings more than 30 years of success as a technology entrepreneur and inventor, which includes founding Truphone, the world’s first global mobile operator, and Moonstone, which developed the first projected capacitive touchscreen, now found in almost every mobile phone in the world. He made the first VoIP call on a mobile phone and is one of the inventors of the eSIM.

    Tagg will spearhead World Mobile’s expansion and work with partners to drive improved Internet connectivity in the United States, where just 90%** of the population has Internet connectivity and 30% of the country lacks cellular coverage. It is estimated that a 10% increase in households connected to the Internet can add 1.4% to a country’s GDP.

    His appointment further strengthens and deepens the expertise at World Mobile, which uses the sharing economy to vastly reduce the cost of delivering connectivity to people worldwide.

    World Mobile will deploy dynamic network technology and a unique proof of service (PoS) protocol to enable spectrum sharing in the USA. It is already working with the government in Zanzibar, where it is launching a hybrid mobile network delivering shared connectivity, supported by low-altitude fixed location balloons (aerostats) working in harmony with ground-based assets. It is in discussions to expand this network to mainland Tanzania and Kenya, and to other territories underserviced by traditional mobile operators.

    Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile says: “James is an industry leader and pioneer in technology who brings huge experience and expertise to the continuing expansion of World Mobile and our mission to connect the unconnected around the world. Being able to appoint someone of his stature is another important milestone in the development of World Mobile and demonstrates our commitment to growing the business and reaching areas which traditional telecom companies are not helping.”

    James Tagg, Chief Architect of World Mobile adds: “Innovation is crucial in helping more people to get online and share the benefits that connectivity brings, and World Mobile has a major role to play. I look forward to working in the US and around the world to drive the growth of the business.”

    World Mobile’s balloons will be the first to officially launch in Africa for commercial use, offering a more cost-effective way to provide digital connection to people and marking the first step in its mission to help bring nearly 4 billion people online before 2030 in line with the UN and World Bank’s SDGs.”

    World Mobile’s approach is more sustainable in environmental, social and governance terms. Environmental impacts are mitigated using solar-powered nodes, second-life batteries and energy-efficient technology. World Mobile creates a positive societal impact through the application of its circular economy model – a “sharing economy” where locals build and share in the ownership and rewards of the network.

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