Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    Brightcove democratises OTT services for media companies and allows them to launch in weeks

    Brightcove, a leading provider of cloud services for video, has launched Brightcove OTT Flow, a turnkey OTT solution for media companies and content owners everywhere to rapidly deploy high-quality, direct-to-consumer, live and on-demand video services across platforms.

    Developed in partnership with Accedo, an industry leader in user experience (UX) and multi-platform applications for video, OTT Flow offers an end-to-end technology solution via a simple, cost effective commercial model. With OTT Flow, Brightcove and Accedo dramatically lower the barrier to entry to starting a multi-platform OTT service, allowing organizations to take their content over-the-top in weeks rather than months.

    Media companies continue to explore new ways to expand audience reach and grow revenue through OTT offerings, but have faced challenges such as managing device proliferation, abiding by content business rules, streamlining system interoperability, and enabling consistent monetization and ad support across devices. OTT solutions to date have often required multiple vendors and bespoke solution development for each platform, resulting in high upfront development costs, time-consuming implementations, and challenges maintaining and upgrading applications and platforms.

    Brightcove OTT Flow addresses these challenges with out-of-the box functionality and technology that includes:

    The core functionality of OTT flow allows video content delivery with a consistent UX across multiple platforms, including desktop, iOS (smartphone & tablet), Android (smartphone & tablet) and Google Cast.

    It also offers support for ad-supported (AVOD) and subscription (SVOD) video on demand models with ecommerce, CRM, and billing engine interfaces and powerful, flexible and intuitive web-based administrative console for UI/UX configuration.

    It also comes with rules-based content packaging and scheduling capabilities, Robust analytics and subtitle and caption support.

    Brightcove OTT Flow provides all the core technology and functionality for media companies  and content owners to quickly launch new OTT services. A true  turnkey solution, OTT Flow gives publishers  the ability to design, launch, and upgrade their OTT services with no ongoing development overhead.

    OTT Flow is priced to make setting up and operating OTT services an economic proposition that any serious content owner can embrace. By eliminating the need to invest significant capital in upfront development and platform costs, OTT Flow’s pricing model is designed to fit a customer’s operating model. Companies setting up an ad-supported OTT video service can get started with OTT Flow at $10,000 per month. Organizations seeking to launch a subscription-based OTT service can begin at $15,000 per month.

    “There is seemingly insatiable demand around the world for new video programming choices and the industry is rushing to meet that demand with new service launches,” says Ben Keen, Chief Analyst & VP, Consumer, Media, Telecoms & Displays, IHS Technology. “IHS is actively tracking well over 2,000 different OTT video and multi-screen deployments in 70-plus countries. With new players entering the market on almost a weekly basis, the timing has never been better for solutions that accelerate these service introductions.”

    Michael Lantz, CEO, Accedo, adds: “Consumer demand for great content available across multiple devices has been increasing dramatically over recent years. With that demand set to rise even further, media companies are looking for solutions to launch new OTT services easily and effectively while providing an attractive user experience. This joint solution enables them to meet that consumer demand and launch compelling services in a much shorter timeframe than ever before.”

    “Brightcove OTT Flow dramatically changes the dynamics of launching new OTT services, making OTT accessible to nearly any content owner,” says Anil Jain, SVP and GM, Media, Brightcove. Combining Accedo’s multi-platform application expertise with our video platform and solutions capabilities, we are bringing to market  a turnkey solution that eliminates technical barriers  and simplifies the OTT cost structure for anyone seeking to take their content over-the-top. As media companies around the world seek to engage their audiences  and drive revenue, they can take advantage of OTT Flow as an easy and affordable path to quickly launch beautiful OTT services.”

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