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BT joins the i3forum to support transformation in international carrier business 


i3forum, a not-for-profit industry body enabling and accelerating transformation across the International carrier ecosystem, has added BT to its membership, as it continues to grow across the globe.

BT will share its industry knowledge and collaborate with more than 25 carriers to solve technical and business challenges that will shape the future of the industry.

Over the last six months, i3forum has welcomed six new members and has seen growing contributions from leaders in blockchain and voice fraud as well as carriers across unique geographies. BT joins CLEAR, DIGICEL and LANCK TELECOM, VNPT, Risk and Assurance Group as i3forum’s newest members.

“It is an exciting time for the i3forum. We’re seeing our membership diversify and the addition of BT will benefit our members as well as the entire carrier industry. We look forward to BT’s contributions to our work groups and sharing its expertise in the international Wholesale market,” said Philippe Millet, Chairman at i3forum. “As our membership grows, we’re better positioned to accelerate transformation across the industry and solve some of the biggest challenges facing the carrier community.”

i3forum members promote industrywide collaborations with an open and inclusive model focusing on enabling success and digital transformation in a changing market. By becoming a member, carriers can collaborate and help shape the future of the industry with new innovative solutions and technologies. BT has the opportunity to join industry workgroups like

  • Fight against Voice Fraud
  • Fight against Messaging Fraud
  • Technology Work Group
  • Numbering Plan initiative
  • Market Data initiative.

“At BT, we’re committed to supporting transformation within our customers’ businesses as well as the carrier industry as a whole. We look forward to contributing to the i3forum’s workgroups and initiatives while collaborating with some of the most innovative carriers in the industry,” says Colin Dougan, Head of Global Wholesale Voice at  BT. “This is an opportunity to learn, share and drive our industry forward.”

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