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Evina offers the most advanced cybersecurity solution for payments and advertising. Highly efficient and audacious MNOs, merchants, ad networks and payment gateways all over the world use Evina to fend off fraud and conquer new markets.

Evina’s suite increases revenues by dealing with fraud the right way in more than 60 countries and with over a dozen of millions of transactions daily.

– Evina’s DCBprotect solution blocks fraud on carrier billing and maximize the number of legitimate transactions, increasing revenue by using the power of carrier billing to the full. (99,7% of fraudulent transactions detected, 0,2% false positive rate, <100ms latency)
– Evina’s Eyewitness is the first solution in the world able to record data-enriched videos of what users see and do on the payment page. It saves time and money from complaints management and help all players to maintain trustful and transparent relationships.
With the protection of Evina, major players the world over have eliminated fraud and been able to grow their business by:

Unlocking more efficient payment flows
Accessing more profitable traffic sources
Enabling precious partnerships.

Evina initiate a new era of cybersecurity, from a defensive to an offensive expenditure that allows access to promising new markets.

Evina has dedicated more than 15 years to develop advanced cybersecurity technology with the most comprehensive fraud sensors, richest data captured through a dedicated global mobile honeypot network in more than 70 countries and best decision making through machine learning and cyber threat intelligence led by cybersecurity research engineers.

Too often cybersecurity companies have links to certain actors of the ecosystem they intend to protect, which creates conflicts of interest and prevents the establishment of healthy relationships based on trust.

Too often, cybersecurity companies are outside the ecosystem they intend to protect and therefore have a poor understanding of the issues at stake. In such cases, they can only protect to the detriment of turnover.

That is why Evina, which combines unique technical expertise, neutrality and knowledge of sectoral issues, is the most valuable ally you can find.

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