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Every game has a story.
We tell that story on a global scale.

Our Values – Innovation. Collaboration. Dependability.

At the end of the day, this is what we hang our hat on. The scale and sophistication of our worldwide network is a testament to that mission.
Company Name
Globtel GmbH is Voice, VAS and SMS aggregator and traffic provider.
By having our unique international solutions, points of presence, and own gateways in many countries, we provide Partners with services like:

International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) for Voice and SMSes
National, Toll-Free, Personal and Geo numbers
SMS and PSMS solutions
VOIP Wholesale CLI & nonCLI termination and transit
SMS Wholesale termination and transit
IVR services
Access Testing Tools
Company Name
Mediatel is a global business with an infinite and unrivalled reach. We have been at the forefront of International Premium Numbers trading for nearly three decades.
Mobile Commerce & Other Media Ltd
Your customers, staff and clients are constantly on the move: mobile communication offers the best, most reliable and cost-efficient way of reaching them, whatever your message. We’re the UK’s leading mobile commerce and communications experts, with an innovative approach to mobile that will help develop your business no matter its size or goals.
MT2 – Mobile Technology Tomorrow
We are an innovative provider of Telecom Value Added Services (VAS) and Solutions to Mobile Network Operators MNOs around the emerging markets of Middle East, Gulf & North Africa.
Nth Mobile
Company Name
NTH Mobile enables and accelerates your success in the mobile business world.
SFB Tech
Company Name

We enable mobile services for users and mobile network operators all around the globe.

The extensive variety of our mobile websites and apps generates over 12M impressions per day worldwide.

Our flagship services are health & lifestyle (e.g. Yoga For You and Fitness). We are also actively involved in games, utility apps, VOD services, and more.

Here at SFB Tech we place special focus on Google and Facebook traffic, as well as affiliate traffic.

The company was founded in 2017, and its headquarters are in Singapore.
Whale Telecommunication
​The founders of Whaletelecom OÜ have been active in the audiotext market since 1990s at the start of the business.

Trust your premium rate traffic to a company that knows the business and can triple your revenue.