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Businesses can engage customers with richer, transactional messages using Viber


Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps, and Dexatel, an innovative cloud communication platform are launching a partnership to create a new way to create and send engaging and transactional message that, in the words of Dexatel, will transform user experience.

Through the collaboration, Dexatel users can send messages all over the world with the help of Viber’s highly developed service. Now it will be easier for businesses to connect to their customers and maintain lasting relationships with engaging content. Viber is an ultimate solution to make a simple message more intuitive and fun.

The benefits of using Viber messaging include, sending long messages, up to 1000 characters – SMS gives only 160 characters – as well as enriching messages with images and videos, which says Dexatel, makes the content more engaging and fun.

The services also comes with a simple and user-friendly interface and makes adding call-to-action buttons and branding options an easy way to upgrade any type of marketing messaging.

The new service will also allow Dexatel customers and users to send both transactional and promotional messages. The promotional option lets them be informed about the latest promos, offers, and discounts. Instead, transactional ones allow customers to receive quick order confirmations, welcome text messages, and shipping updates.

Viber gives diverse solutions to businesses, as entrepreneurs can easily check the click-through rate of their call-to-action buttons, analyse their campaign outcomes, and plan perfectly promotional actions.

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