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BuzzCity launches ‘Urban Clusters’ to offer geo-targeted ads across emerging markets


Urban Clusters is the latest feature from BuzzCity, a leading global mobile advertising network. The Urban Cluster feature will allow advertisers to better identify, and target key groups in cities across the emerging markets: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand.

In 2015, emerging markets will drive global advertising spending, with the advertising market projected to grow by 10.7% over the next three years. BuzzCity’s unique approach to urban clustering offers the best targeting feature catered towards the growing regions.

Urban audiences are a large draw for advertisers in key territories such as India and Malaysia, which saw a 13% and 17% growth accordingly in mobile advertising during the previous quarter. Using Urban Clusters gives advertisers the ability to target these key mobile audiences with greater location-specific information, resulting in a large reduction of wasted impressions.

“We are constantly refining our techniques” comments Dr KF Lai, CEO and founder of BuzzCity. “We are expanding current research to use IP addresses as the basis of targeting: this allows advertisers to better target internet users with more relevant ads, depending on their location.”

By leveraging proprietary data from regular audience sampling, advertisers can display their ads on sites where 65% of the audience fits within the urban cluster. BuzzCity routinely gathers audience insights from its publisher network, continually collecting information on gender, age, location and occupation. Its latest report revealed a 14% growth in delivered paid ads across its network during the previous quarter.

Urban Clusters follows the launch of Audience Clusters — BuzzCity’s previous offering where publishers, brands and agencies have the ability to target users via wider set of demographics such as gender, age, location and occupation.


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