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    CASE STUDY Portafina makes impressive mark in finance industry

    There’s no denying that across the world, financial services play a significant role in the global economy, offering a range of services that contribute to making people’s lives better. In the UK specifically, a number of businesses have made an impressive mark in the industry, but one in particular is Portafina. Steve Conway explains

    The pension specialists have seen incredible growth and as a result, managed to earn themselves a coveted spot in three major publications this year. Due to their continued dedication to providing easy to access financial services to the masses, Portafina has outshone its competition across the board.

    As 2018 comes to an end, one of this incredible company’s most significantachievements has been being includedin KM Media Group’s MegaGrowth 150 list. This enviable list analyses the 50 fastest growing privately owned companies based in Kent, and is one which many businesses hope to find their name. Portafina, in particular, features highly on this list, beating renowned companies Pro-Force and G K R Logistics.

    To add to their achievements, in October, Portafina was listed in the Financial Times Future 100 as a result of their commitment to diversity, as well as their innovative use of technology in their company. As the Financial Times is a well-respected leading finance body that covers news statistics, and general finance-related information, this achievement is such a significant stride for the business.

    Additionally, Portafina also made the Financial Times Adviser Top 100, which seeks out leading advisers across the UK and analyses their performance based on data which is received from Strategic Insight to see who ranks top within the industry every year.

    This honour isn’t something that many businesses are able to accomplish within their first decade! However, since Portafina emerged in 2009, they have been on the rise.

    So how did they do it?

    Portafina’s transparent approach when it comes to finance and their dedication to putting customers first is what sets them apart from their competition and ensures they are a leading force in the financial sector. Their warm, welcoming and friendly customer service contributes towards their customer base being loyal to their services and recommending them to others.

    What’s Next on the Horizon?

    After such an achievement-filled year, Portafina is committed to giving back to those who matter most – their customers. As a result, they have created a website that is dedicatedto helping those interested in pursuing a career in the financial sector. This advanced platform is designed to help those who want to learn more about how Portafina works as an organisation.

    What’s more, Portafina is focused on hiring people with the right drive and equipping them with the skills and training they need to succeed. There is no better time than now to join this growing enterprise, so why not visit Portafina’s new job site today?

    According to Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director at Portafina:

    Having the right attitude and a positive mindset, in our eyes, is the key to your success. While training and experience obviously play key roles in developing your skills, this can be trained over time. Being a friendly, keen and determined team player is what stands out for us.”

    To get more information and learn about career opportunities that may arise,  follow Portafina’s Linkedln. Additionally, to get general finance tips, follow Portafina on Twitter, and take a look at Portafina Youtube and Portafina Facebook page too.


    Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques. 

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