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Centili to roll out multiple new ‘as a service’ offerings in 2021 to support post-Covid shifts in mobile payments industry


Building on its strategy of offering monetisation platform as a service (MPaaS) strategy, Centili is launching a range of new ‘as-a-service’ offerings in 2021 to support the evolution of the mobile payments industry that we have seen during the pandemic.

This move is driven as post-Covid recovery accelerates a move away from owned infrastructure and adopts trends such as Conversational Commerce.

Centili has a strong heritage in building mobile payment solutions to support changes in the sector. As it celebrates its 10th year in digital monetisation, it extends its customer driven portfolio which is built on large-scale cooperation with over 280 mobile operators in 80 countries, reaching over 4 billion users worldwide.

To address the changing landscape of digital experience delivery, Centili has consolidated 10 years of experience in the industry into its Maestro solution. This is a cloud-based managed service platform, enabling frictionless ecosystem management, and monetization of digital experiences, for telcos, aggregators and enterprises, OTTs, gaming companies and many other digital brands. It simplifies partnerships, opens additional revenue streams for both operators and digital merchants and helps telcos make the most of the data and reach they possess. It allows customers to take advantage of Centili’s existing infrastructure and extensive network to increase agility, reduce costs and increase revenues, a vital shift as many businesses seek to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.

Since its shift to a subscription-based model in Q2 2020, Centili has seen over 10 companies, both telco and digital merchants, adopt Centili Maestro. COO at Centili, Olivier Letant commented, “As with all of Centili’s solutions, we based the development of the Maestro Monetization Platform as a Service (MPaaS) solution on our extensive industry expertise which allows us to identify potential opportunities and facilitate them for our customers.” Appetite for Maestro is already having a significant impact on Centili’s business model as it is expected to represent 50% of turnover by the end of 2021.

2021 will also see Centili offer solutions to facilitate conversational commerce for digital merchants looking to enhance their services. Already established in markets such as SE Asia, Europe and MENA, Centili is launching a plug and play solution that takes care of the end to end technical delivery of conversational commerce from communication to payment. The pandemic has seen a huge uplift in conversational commerce in all markets as businesses look to better connect with customers, as customers experience the benefit of this richer digital experience, Centili will support businesses as this approach becomes the expectation.

Zoran Vasiljev CEO at Centili comments: “2021 is expected to be a very exciting year for Centili. To be celebrating 10 years in an industry as dynamic, and ever changing as mobile payments, speaks to a business that is able to read the market and adapt to meet customer needs. The entire world changed in 2020 and we’re excited that we have been able to adapt and create new services to help our customers navigate those changes.”

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