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    Centili, Veoo and DIMOCO ranked among the best carrier billing vendors in the world

    Centili, Veoo and DIMOCO have been named as three of the best direct carrier billing vendors in the world.

    Between November 2017 and March 2018 ROCCO (Roaming Consulting Company Ltd) questioned 214 MNOs from 91 countries, including all continents. The objective was to evaluate Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) vendors and rank these on 30+ KPIs in the area of performance, value and leadership.

    26 vendors were included in the report, the three vendors, Centili, Veoo and DIMOCO, were ranked as Tier One, reaching an overall score between four and five points out of a possible five.

    DIMOCO currently obtains 191 MNO connections and in 51 countries and services industries ranging from ePublishing to Ticketing & Parking, Physical Goods, Video & Music to iGaming, Lifestyle Content and Wholesale.

    According to the report, Centili is “doing an amazing job joining carriers with global merchants”; Veoo is an “intelligent solution we enjoy, more than any other vendor we work with”; and DIMOCO is a “leading carrier billing provider with numerous direct operator connections”.

    “This is an incredibly competitive environment, where DIMOCO have demonstrated a clear leadership in Direct Carrier Billing with high ratings from MNOS on many important KPIs”, says Jason Bryan, Founder and CEO of Rocco.

    “4.1 out of 5 points is a very respectable achievement which we are very proud of,” says Clemens Leitner, Executive Vice President, Carrier & Business Development, adding: “We are especially proud of being top scorer in the categories Business Focus (Covered Verticals, Innovation and Flexibility), Technical Expertise and Implementation Process, in addition to scoring a golden medal in the category Performance+, which include the probably most important DCB specific aspects such as Security, Uptime Performance and Intelligence Information.”

    The top 10, in alphabetical order, are:

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